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#3736 zip file upload tab doesn't unzip defect Priority Fix 3.2 major
#2538 Do we have a field property that means the help text is always expanded for that field? cjg enhancement Customer Report 3.0-beta-1 normal
#3455 Width control for some admin screens enhancement Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3528 New custom OAI set for OAIster - all records with a document or official_url (or both) enhancement Customer Report normal
#3538 User agent for wget (Upload from URL) enhancement Customer Report normal
#3622 'Item Not Available Online' phrase misleading defect Customer Report normal
#3638 Autocomplete popup - restricted click target in IE defect Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3643 Serialised search getting truncated in cachemap, causes refine search, save search to fail defect Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3659 Can't delete division using batch edit defect Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3771 registration: user doesn't get automatically logged in after confirming defect Customer Report normal
#3788 Creating thumbnail for multi page tiff generates multiple thumbnails defect Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3813 Session::render_subjects ignores ordering defect Customer Report 3.1 normal
#3865 creates two elements with the the same XML id. cjg defect Customer Report 3.2 normal
#3382 upload from URL broken defect Must do normal
#3470 URL to edit saved searches in alerts is wrong defect Must do normal
#3531 Failed to import XML eprint containing documents with docid set defect Must do major
#3576 Datestamp ordervalues in mixed formats => not sorted correctly defect Must do 3.1 normal
#3585 Ignoring plugin "disable" flag defect Must do major
#3588 epadmin upgrade crashes on unknown column defect Must do normal
#3428 Local plugins can't be used in workflows defect Intend to 3.1 normal
#3504 Debug output in MultilineExcel import plugin defect Intend to normal
#3505 MultilineExcel import does not check file exists/parsed OK defect Intend to normal
#3656 Better error message on DOI import fail enhancement Intend to 3.1 normal
#3814 Incorrect ordervalues generated for subjects defect Intend to 3.1 normal
#3856 500 error when requesting fields as XML via REST defect Intend to normal
#3857 Double <?xml header on REST output of an entire dataobj defect Intend to 3.2 normal
#3469 Metafield/ should use EPrints::Utils::is_set tdb01r defect unset normal
#3517 Staff Search ignores default ordering defect unset normal
#3570 Can't override core UploadMethods defect unset normal
#3578 Warning messages from workflow in tests defect unset normal
#3584 epadmin upgrade 3.1.3->3.2.0 breaks with GDOME in EPrints::XML::to_string defect unset normal
#3589 WebUI does not check DB version defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3590 Undefined subroutine &EPrints::Session::render_name called at /opt/eprints3/archives/ecs/cfg/cfg.d/ line 203. defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3598 Can't call method "disconnect" on an undefined value at /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/ line 5683. defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3599 Unknown column 'subject_ancestors.ancestors' in 'where clause' defect unset normal
#3600 Unknown column 'subject_ancestors.ancestors' in 'where clause' defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3603 Can't call method "get_conf" on an undefined value at /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Export/ defect unset normal
#3604 Software caused connection abort warnings defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3605 indexer loglevel 5 does not report individual indexings anymore. defect unset 3.2.0-alpha-1 normal
#3606 Remove DC from RDF cjg task unset normal
#3611 /view/type does not redirect to /view/type/ but rather 404s! defect unset normal
#3637 Allow configuration of Admin search fields defect unset normal
#3724 /cgi/exportresource doesn't use DB API defect unset normal
#3779 /perl/foo?bar=baz no longer redirects with params defect unset 3.2 normal
#3791 Erase EPrints does not erase RDF defect unset normal
#3818 DataObj::SavedSearch::send_out_alerts bug defect unset normal
#3819 Addable parent node renders badly in subject input defect unset normal
#3843 Destroy/Remove/Delete - synonym overdose enhancement unset normal
#3908 EPrint::get_all_documents return undef in scalar context defect unset normal
#3914 Citations should be language dependent sf03r@… defect unset normal
#3929 Advanced search for images/* returns all eprints with a preview defect unset normal
#3969 AJAX Exception when saving phrases on IE6 defect unset normal
#3979 MultilineCSV produces invalid CSV files defect unset normal
#3980 MultilineExcel produces invalid Excel files defect unset normal
#3384 epadmin erase_data needlessly requires mysql root password? defect Would be nice trivial
#3520 should include URL of policies page by default defect Would be nice normal
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