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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3847 Register ("Create Account") option missing defect Priority Fix - 3.2
#3849 bin/issues_audit makes changes to (some?) eprints on every run defect Priority Fix - 3.2
#3851 Browse by author - list pages very slow in 3.2 defect Priority Fix DB 3.2
#3852 Missing NameVirtualHost in apache config defect Priority Fix Apache Related 3.2
#3496 viewintro_<viewid> phrases not working properly defect Customer Report -
#3842 Entering non-integer value in pages field loses all changes (Postgres) defect Customer Report DB 3.1
#3855 tries to validate undef values defect Customer Report -
#3870 Alternative browse view pages break on long values cjg defect Customer Report Views
#3410 Document filenames not being shell-escaped for full text extraction defect Must do -
#3651 Upgrade to 3.2 loses revision history defect Must do Storage 3.2
#3837 Subject URI links in sitemap.xml lead to 404 cjg defect Must do RDF 3.2
#978 Cache table counter - possible issue cjg defect Intend to - 2.3.11
#2976 Sort by depositing user doesn't sort alphabetically - because it is sorting by userid defect Intend to -
#3253 should check for does_user_own_eprint hook and call it defect Intend to -
#3389 Generate abstracts times out. defect Intend to -
#3437 Ignored search term returns all records in repository defect Intend to - 3.1
#3483 Empty name parts stored differently in 3.0 and 3.1 defect Intend to -
#3486 Browse views don't fail gracefully when given a bad url defect Intend to -
#3510 cfg.d/ - check for undef when validating multiple values defect Intend to -
#3524 advertise param ignored in Export plugins defect Intend to -
#3529 Typo in Screen::Review defect Intend to -
#3539 Problem including some phrases in template defect Intend to -
#3546 import_rand_data doesn't assign subjects correctly defect Intend to -
#3829 Ordering/adding spaces does not work for document field cjg defect Intend to Workflow & InputForm 3.2
#3844 import_rand_data broken defect Intend to - 3.2
#3845 summary_page.xml breaks request a copy defect Intend to -
#3864 Can't access full-texts with '-' in defect Intend to -
#2017 no indexing for some tables cjg enhancement unset -
#2332 crash in constructor of a plugin is hard to trace. cjg defect unset -
#3032 Preview thumbnail cached from deleted document defect unset -
#3173 Odd behaviour with NO_CHECK_USER defect unset - 3.0
#3351 Items page forgets about inbox/buffer/etc. pref. when you modify a column defect unset -
#3832 Changes to documents doesn't trigger an eprint revision defect unset -
#3833 Calling $repo->current_url() causes a die in URI::_query defect unset -
#3834 /cgi/counter is very slow defect unset -
#3838 OAI <metadata> is missing xmlns:xsi attribute defect unset -
#3839 uri_escape_utf8() not available defect unset -
#3850 No files are accessible from virtualhost root when using sub-directory defect unset -
#3854 Usernames are case-sensitive defect unset -
#3867 Plugins in one repo affect the plugins in another defect unset -
#3868 Old-style URLs with a trailing slash to a document are broken defect unset -
#3886 generate_static uses global config before repository config defect unset -
#3887 Subject sorting sorts new entries first defect unset -
#3320 epc:pin toolbar doesn't do anything? defect Would be nice -
#3502 Missing apostrophe in phrase -- defect Would be nice Phrases

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3875 OAI validation failure - oai2?junk defect Customer Report - 3.2
#3869 Can't view History for deleted EPrints defect unset -
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