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#3920 JSON export not standards compliant? defect Customer Report -
#3923 EAP export should only process dataobj/eprint ? defect Customer Report - 3.2
#3958 Search results - reordering results then moving between results pages loses order defect Customer Report Screen Plugins
#3344 Field::Multi picks up title/help from contained fields, breaks rendering defect Must do -
#3452 Problem when deleting field created through web interface defect Must do -
#960 top level subject browse does not show whole heirarchy cjg defect Intend to - unspecified
#3949 Add labels to Documents and Files cjg enhancement Intend to RDF 3.2
#1308 Warning for incorrect database permissions cjg enhancement unset - 2.3.12
#1919 Add/Remove to Lists cjg enhancement unset -
#1995 Repository cover page for PDFs tdb01r enhancement unset Convert Plugins
#3946 Thumbnails not being updated defect unset -
#3960 '/' in BibTeX gets turned into '?' defect unset -
#3961 user_by_username/user_by_email with undef causes MySQL error defect unset -
#3963 subjects__rindex doesn't get upgraded in 3.2.5 defect unset -
#3964 Reject email contains broken links defect unset -
#3966 Browse views include older versions in top-level counts defect unset -
#3968 skip_buffer doesn't work for editor/admin users for items with problems defect unset -
#3970 Can't search divisions and subjects simultaneously defect unset -
#3975 remove incorrect use of seeAlso cjg defect unset RDF
#3977 BibTeX export destroys '[*]' defect unset -
#873 no error trap in erase_archive cjg defect Would be nice - unspecified
#887 Feature Request: Wildcard Patterns on Search Words cjg enhancement Would be nice - unspecified
#958 Error: read 1 bytes, expected 2645 cjg defect Would be nice - unspecified
#1861 validating date and time doesn't check min_resolution cjg defect Would be nice - 2.3.13
#2001 Better phrases for request document tmb defect Would be nice Phrases
#2029 Phrases for document security options cjg enhancement Would be nice -
#1962 Full text indexing warning cjg enhancement Probably won't do -
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