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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3115 Add the API version to enhancement unset -
#3148 Performance improvement with plugin_list enhancement Would be nice -
#3169 More control over how toolbar renderered by Session::render_toolbar enhancement Customer Report - 3.0
#3178 Add password quality checker enhancement unset -
#3215 Candidates for .pl to XML conversion enhancement unset -
#3219 Add field for DOI enhancement Customer Report -
#3222 Multiple itemref field has only one "lookup" button enhancement unset -
#3223 Better "lookup" mechanism for itemref fields enhancement unset -
#3225 Allow the "parents" field to be edited in Subject::Edit enhancement unset -
#3226 Subject::Edit should also show subject ID in the list of children enhancement unset -
#3232 Add id attribute <input type="checkbox"> fields ( defect Intend to -
#3251 Access a Component's field OBJECTS, not just field NAMES enhancement Would be nice -
#3258 Tidy up Request Copy code - Public::RequestCopy, Request::Respond tmb enhancement Would be nice -
#3269 Create "export" cgi script for views as a target of a form. task Must do -
#3275 Allow fromform override on compound subfields enhancement Would be nice -
#3299 Need an (empty) so that its obvious you can add fields to doc dataset enhancement Intend to -
#3300 Ability to disable repository - eg. in cfg.d/ enhancement Would be nice -
#3304 Upload component should check a file is actually selected before uploading enhancement Intend to -
#3308 Add intro phrase to Summary tab explaining what it is enhancement Intend to -
#3346 New lookup script - autocomplete names using the user table enhancement unset -
#3358 Exact search doesn't work for float field defect Intend to -
#3368 Request a copy - record requester's name as well as email enhancement Would be nice -
#3372 Config option for expanding subject tree to level(s) of already selected subjects enhancement Would be nice - 3.0
#3373 DataObj::render_citation_link should have "new_window" option for consistency enhancement Would be nice -
#3374 Extra fields to show in staff/admin eprint search are hardcoded into Staff/EPrintSearch screen defect Customer Report -
#3379 RefMan / RIS / Reference Manager import plugin enhancement Would be nice -
#3383 Make it easier to add new datasets enhancement Would be nice -
#3385 Collect imported IDs in Screen::Import::Handler enhancement Would be nice -
#3400 Add err_headers_out to EPrints::Apache::AnApache enhancement Would be nice -
#3406 Phrase for feed icons enhancement Would be nice -
#3407 Configuration option to select default import plugin enhancement Would be nice -
#3414 Would like to define OAI sets based on multiple creteria. enhancement unset -
#3421 Add bin/epadmin command to compare install against SIGNATURES file and list changes enhancement Would be nice -
#3426 Option to ignore 'the', 'a', 'an' etc when sorting by title enhancement Customer Report - 3.0
#3429 SMTP server at repository level would be nice defect Would be nice -
#3434 Save admin searches enhancement Customer Report -
#3435 Link to recent searches/most recent search enhancement Customer Report -
#3468 meta-statistics for repository enhancement Would be nice -
#3489 delicious style browse views enhancement Customer Report -
#3493 Add <epc:attribute> to control format enhancement Would be nice -
#3523 Multi-lang support in full-text index enhancement unset -
#3534 Embed COinS in citations - search/browse lists can be picked up by eg. Zotero enhancement Customer Report -
#3544 render_xhtml_field improvement enhancement Would be nice -
#3569 Get more information from requester when requesting a copy enhancement Customer Report -
#3737 View Configuration page could do with help text to describe what config files do what enhancement Would be nice - unspecified
#3811 Select individual items for export/save defect Customer Report - 3.0-rc-1
#3846 Better 50x errors enhancement unset - 3.0-rc-1
#3938 Review EPrints against Scholar guidelines task unset -
#4087 Use "pdfinfo" to extract PDF metadata enhancement unset -
#3904 epadmin plugins enhancement Would be nice Admin 3.0-rc-1
#2964 Add repository configuration for document conversion defect Would be nice Convert Plugins
#1912 HOWTO: move an archive to a new server tmb task unset Documentation
#2244 Explain how phrase IDs for e.g. field names/help are derived tmb task unset Documentation
#2136 don't let ep3 install over ep2 cjg task Would be nice Installation
#2702 consider changing default install group to be "apache" cjg task unset Installation 3.0-beta-2
#892 Logical URLs for later versions cjg enhancement Would be nice Other unspecified
#1986 Paracite Input Plugin cjg enhancement unset Other
#1099 Can't do authenticated SMTP connection cjg enhancement Would be nice Outgoing mail 2.3.12
#2070 Potentially problematic use of GET in "select" script tmb defect Would be nice RAE Plugin
#1916 Search Within Results cjg enhancement unset Search
#1880 Add Web archive format support cjg enhancement Would be nice Submission
#3105 Process required to identify and bulk modify eprints containing subjects no longer in tree defect Would be nice User Interface
#2920 Change citations moj enhancement unset

Status: reopened (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1012 Ability to Lock Records cjg enhancement Intend to -
#1987 Upload several documents in a zip file cjg enhancement unset -
#1988 Latest Items gives iffy answers tmb defect unset -
#1992 typing for field properties cjg enhancement Would be nice -
#2032 Override render-search-input/from-search-input/searching moj enhancement unset -
#2038 Highlight posters in citation to avoid confusion moj enhancement Would be nice -
#2421 Collapsable fields should always show icons even if they default to showing. cjg task Would be nice -
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