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#2080 Treat accepted document request as hit on document tmb enhancement Would be nice Apache Related
#3633 id/x-foobar does not return 404 if no valid data cjg defect unset -
#3081 Bug with ordering values using up/down arrows tdb01r defect Intend to - 3.0

Status: new (97 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2241 Some SMTP servers require authentication cjg defect Probably won't do -
#2309 use "label" for all metafields (duplicate of ??) cjg enhancement Probably won't do -
#2710 #jumps in details stage don't work in safari defect Probably won't do - 3.0-beta-2
#3440 Typo in systems.xml defect Probably won't do - 3.1
#842 Rename function for files in eprint moj enhancement Would be nice Submission unspecified
#1898 import_subject needs warnings cjg defect Would be nice Import
#2039 request removal reply to should go to requester cjg defect Would be nice -
#2054 race condition on create cache cjg defect Would be nice DB
#2245 Use of /a-zA-Z/ isn't l18n friendly cjg defect Would be nice Indexer & Search
#2329 collapse to strip comments moj task Would be nice -
#2346 pruning access logs af05v enhancement Would be nice -
#2461 Add last-config reload info to status screen moj task Would be nice -
#2492 dataset loader appears to go around twice for some reason cjg defect Would be nice -
#2664 autocomplete should handle radio buttons/checkboxes defect Would be nice - 3.0-beta-2
#2697 subject list in abstract page looks a bit rubbish defect Would be nice - 3.0-beta-2
#2709 try and make browser remeber last tab using "#" setting defect Would be nice - 3.0-beta-2
#2737 Restricted document still viewable after logout cjg defect Would be nice - 3.0-beta-2
#2928 Don't collapse tree when new subject added enhancement Would be nice -
#2961 Subject Inputform Component Plugin should be more generic. defect Would be nice Phrases
#2969 Popup autocomplete suggestions on focus defect Would be nice -
#2978 Date validation - Feb 30th accepted as valid date enhancement Would be nice -
#2988 Add icon to autocomplete fields defect Would be nice -
#2989 Extend tooltip on up/down arrows for ordering values enhancement Would be nice -
#2994 Document with no files may cause confusion enhancement Would be nice -
#2995 Use wildcards to activate truncated searches enhancement Would be nice -
#3042 Options for filtering items on Manage Deposits and Review screens enhancement Would be nice -
#3063 Add option to display policy/usage page before serving PDF document enhancement Would be nice -
#3069 Large file uploads timing out defect Would be nice -
#3076 <component> tag appears in HTML output of XHTML component. cjg defect Would be nice Workflow & InputForm
#3080 chown for eprint - admin function to change eprint ownership enhancement Would be nice -
#3083 Identical names appearing twice in name lookup cjg defect Would be nice Workflow & InputForm
#3097 Check field type using "isa" rather than "is_type" in special cases enhancement Would be nice -
#3099 Use default Yes/No phrase for boolean (input_style => radio) fields enhancement Would be nice -
#3126 EPrint::Metafield::get_input_elements Only show "More input rows" box if input_add_boxes != 0 defect Would be nice -
#3132 Autocompletion popup width incorrect when autcompleting unordered compound fields cjg defect Would be nice Workflow & InputForm
#3145 Auto-expand collapsed field if shortcut link clicked enhancement Would be nice -
#3151 Revise login method when accessing documents enhancement Would be nice Apache Related 3.0
#3187 Include multi-tagging javascript in abstract page. enhancement Would be nice -
#3198 unique method for List enhancement Would be nice -
#3233 Boolean form_value_basic always returns TRUE or FALSE - not helpful if used in compound field defect Would be nice -
#3254 H2 on Profile screen should be center-aligned (when viewing another user's profile) defect Would be nice -
#3280 Typo in system.xml? fulfill => fulfil defect Would be nice Phrases
#3288 "click here" as link text in editor alert email (and others) task Would be nice -
#3322 XML export - calling output_dataobj directly, preamble missing defect Would be nice -
#3333 Slow page loads in Internet Explorer - add cache directives for images, javascripts, stylesheets etc. defect Would be nice -
#3349 Taint check (-T) option in epindexer shebang line removed by install_file in defect Would be nice -
#3363 subjects field renderer EPrints::Extras::subject_browser_input doesn't exist defect Would be nice - 3.0
#3367 Improvement to DataObj::Document->render_icon_link defect Would be nice -
#3387 Manage Metadata Fields doesn't validate field name defect Would be nice -
#3394 bin/import warnings in yellow text defect Would be nice -
#3422 Add enable_web_imports option to default config files defect Would be nice -
#3442 EndNote import - don't skip unrecognised citation types enhancement Would be nice -
#3471 Batch Edit won't work on multiple fields with a custom "fromform" method -- defect Would be nice Admin
#3491 Emails from EPrints appear with "Unknown date" in some mail clients defect Would be nice - 3.1
#3509 Add deletion button to multiple value entry enhancement Would be nice -
#3521 Enable tokenising in autocompleter enhancement Would be nice -
#3533 HTML entities double-encoded when values used in attributes defect Would be nice -
#3541 API shortcut for creating an empty list enhancement Would be nice -
#3542 - metadata_policy, submission_policy etc. should point at default policy page enhancement Would be nice -
#3552 Item assigned to editor enhancement Would be nice -
#3567 views with empty variations does not show any items cjg defect Would be nice Views
#3568 ---maintenance option to bin/generate_apacheconf enhancement Would be nice -
#3573 Allow options on deposit stage of workflow enhancement Would be nice -
#3640 testdata/bin/import_test_data does not check incoming arguments defect Would be nice - 3.2.0-beta-1
#3710 Remove unused/non-core/unstable system fields task Would be nice - 3.2
#3738 Upload workflow does not cope with no javascript defect Would be nice -
#3741 Custom dataset missing features task Would be nice - 3.2
#3781 Radio butons should have <label> around the input and label enhancement Would be nice - 3.0-rc-1
#3795 Instant thumbnail on workflow upload enhancement Would be nice -
#3802 XML escape in does not do &quot; defect Would be nice XML
#3803 Read-Only option enhancement Would be nice Admin
#3835 non linked page to show all main HTML features for creating themes enhancement Would be nice -
#3840 Specify templateid in any request (cf. mainonly) task Would be nice - 3.0-rc-1
#3858 add helpful .TXT files to cfg directories enhancement Would be nice Default Config
#3922 Issues with DOCTYPE in template defect Would be nice XML 3.2
#3924 Command line 'epadmin schema' is broken defect Would be nice Admin
#3945 <> is not legal in N-Triples cjg defect Would be nice RDF 3.2
#3971 Problem with cross-dataset search defect Would be nice -
#2084 remove unknown abstact pages cjg defect unset -
#2206 lose Config lang code. cjg defect unset Default Config
#2250 oai2 doesn't work with XML::DOM? tmb defect unset Documentation
#2305 preserve users last collapses in subject tree cjg enhancement unset -
#2756 two users can have same email address. defect unset - 3.0-beta-2
#2795 untitled subjects can't be browsed in subject editor defect unset - 3.0-beta-3
#2806 Sending an email with a bad email address says "email not working" not "bad email address" defect unset - 3.0-beta-3
#2813 'render_input' => 'EPrints::Extras::subject_browser_input', defect unset - 3.0-beta-3
#2818 Namespace in XML export looks wrong defect unset - 3.0-rc-1
#2826 non when/otherwise inside a <choose> should give a warning, maybe an error. defect unset - 3.0-rc-1
#2836 Save an empty search defect unset - 3.0-rc-1
#2848 language issues in mail content and subjects... defect unset - 3.0
#2853 nonportable system() defect unset -
#2925 Should we use is_set in XML/ defect unset -
#2941 subject input field component does not work with non-multiple subjects defect unset -
#2954 Validate ISBN (10 and 13 digit) and ISSN cjg enhancement unset Workflow & InputForm
#2986 warning if depositing eprint without contact email enhancement unset -
#3003 Add "staff" lookup script for author/editor autocompletion enhancement unset -
#3044 Rendering of editorial scope on Review screen can be huge defect unset -
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