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#2836 Save an empty search defect unset - 3.0-rc-1
#2848 language issues in mail content and subjects... defect unset - 3.0
#2853 nonportable system() defect unset -
#2925 Should we use is_set in XML/ defect unset -
#2941 subject input field component does not work with non-multiple subjects defect unset -
#2954 Validate ISBN (10 and 13 digit) and ISSN cjg enhancement unset Workflow & InputForm
#2986 warning if depositing eprint without contact email enhancement unset -
#3003 Add "staff" lookup script for author/editor autocompletion enhancement unset -
#3044 Rendering of editorial scope on Review screen can be huge defect unset -
#3056 Saved Searches defect unset -
#3059 Values from non-latest versions being shown in browse views defect unset -
#3075 can't set title in XHTML component defect unset -
#3077 Compound fields ignore export_as_xml in subfields defect unset - 3.0
#3088 trim_whitespace removes spacing in citations defect unset -
#3100 Prevent epadmin trying to use 'test' or 'root' as database user names defect unset - 3.0
#3116 Validate plugin not working with most up-to-date value of field being validated defect unset -
#3157 subject.depositable field - typo in "No" phrase (missing close bracket) defect unset -
#3158 Subject editing - entering a bad subject ID (with whitespace) goes to EPrints System Error screen defect unset -
#3177 Remove all english text from citations task unset -
#3179 Regexp check in register enhancement unset -
#3183 Auto reload nameset lists enhancement unset -
#3185 Disable/enable auto config loading enhancement unset -
#3191 First names not being indexed defect unset - 3.0
#3212 Flag in import plugin to tell it to run under sub-process under CGI enhancement unset -
#3214 Unique ID for each set of imports. -- enhancement unset Import
#3220 Dynamic reloading crashes server if the file is bad. defect unset -
#3244 OAI error response includes arguments defect unset - 3.0
#3290 Incorrect thumbnail handling when files added/removed cjg defect unset -
#3291 Using $list->map loses cache table on expire defect unset - 3.0
#3302 Typo in deposit_agreement.xml defect unset -
#3306 OAI returns all deleted records defect unset - 3.0
#3326 Make import actually create an import object. -- task unset Import
#3347 extras method for initial name rendring (like ecs) defect unset -
#3352 Items page forgets ordering pref. when you modify a column defect unset -
#3353 would be nice to make ordering have a history in items/review enhancement unset -
#3356 items page forgets about which page n you are on if you change columns defect unset -
#3377 cannot download file if restricted and has %20 in filename defect unset -
#3381 Indexer not detected as running by Web server defect unset - 3.1
#3391 Changing the column order on the manage deposits page forgets the status settings defect unset -
#3401 Circular references in Subject tree causes system freeze defect unset -
#3402 Sets limited defect unset -
#3404 $eprint->get_url ignores $staff parameter defect unset - 3.0
#3409 Zip file uploader fails if filename has a space in it. defect unset -
#3488 requesting <repository_base>/view causes stack dump defect unset -
#3522 Add remote MD5 to plugin copies enhancement unset -
#3543 Can't override global citation styles defect unset -
#3549 Indexer log does not state repository ID enhancement unset - 3.1
#3555 searchexp field truncated in defect unset -
#3577 Can't use "search" unit test on fresh repository -- defect unset Indexer & Search
#3580 XML Unit test fail under XML::GDOME cjg defect unset XML
#3587 Triggers for key events task unset -
#3593 Screen::Request::Respond authenticates weakly defect unset -
#3607 Ran out of DB connections -- defect unset DB 3.2.0-alpha-1
#3616 Browse view counts versions defect unset -
#3618 Suggested improvement to defect unset -
#3623 REST handling of importing files task unset -
#3624 REST handling of importing XML DataObjs task unset -
#3631 Should not see "Return to Workarea" if no valid user defect unset -
#3632 No way to delete unwanted review items when the depositing user has been deleted defect unset -
#3641 DataObj::EPrints::render_box_list should be 'hidable' defect unset -
#3645 Upgrade should not "clobber" defect unset - 3.2.0-beta-1
#3654 error when running generate_views defect unset -
#3655 Leading/trailing spaces are not stripped when searching Integer fields tdb01r defect unset Indexer & Search 3.2
#3668 Document content tags defect unset -
#3672 When epadmin adds a subfield, it gives the name of the parent field ( defect unset -
#3684 Ugly 500 page enhancement unset -
#3685 add left padding to itemid "Lookup" button enhancement unset -
#3687 New metafield; named set or "other" enhancement unset -
#3690 Can't delete items which don't have an owner defect unset -
#3698 Endnot Export bug defect unset -
#3699 EPrints::Paginate ignores below_results pin defect unset -
#3700 AbstractSearch::export_url loses sort order parameter defect unset -
#3701 Broken conditional in Repository::not_found defect unset -
#3702 Audit and create sane defaults for cfg.d/ files enhancement unset -
#3708 Retrieve compound field values in one SQL query tdb01r enhancement unset - unspecified
#3740 Review fields which should not be in general exports eg. creators_id task unset -
#3751 Subject input tool persists invalid subject values defect unset - 3.2
#3757 Failing to write order values does not cause enough alarm bells to to off! defect unset -
#3758 Item page should easily allow addition of new datasets (config?) enhancement unset -
#3760 Removing an eprint which another eprint "succeeds" can cause an error in rendering. defect unset -
#3768 Edit Config vai interface flakey when EPrints installed on Windows Platform defect unset -
#3782 use as template copies edit_lock field defect unset - 3.2
#3784 ordervalues tables are very long named defect unset DB
#3789 Document automatic fields not called on create defect unset - 3.1
#3799 Remove EAP export plugin defect unset -
#3809 Browse views showing count of items including those in review defect unset - 3.2
#3810 bin/export silently fails if plugin is unavailable defect unset Export
#3817 summary page eprint citation style shows undefined fields defect unset -
#3907 lib/syscfg.d/ contains non-working call defect unset -
#3909 Add user and home to environment defect unset -
#3913 Counts wrong in browse views defect unset -
#3917 any files called view* in the root will be consumed by /view/ defect unset -
#3928 small bugfix in defect unset -
#3930 Incorrect eprint count in the menu for browse by author defect unset -
#3937 generate_views shows the wrong citations for non-eprints datasets defect unset -
#3939 Compliancy with OpenAIRE enhancement unset -
#3956 Screen::FirstTool hard-coded default leads to error when minuser logs in defect unset -
#3957 Add template option to latest_tool modes defect unset -
#3959 spaces removed from the "and" when there are two names defect unset XML
#3982 Manage Metadata Fields - making changes to existing field? defect unset -
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