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#3081 Bug with ordering values using up/down arrows tdb01r defect Intend to - 3.0
#2080 Treat accepted document request as hit on document tmb enhancement Would be nice Apache Related
#3633 id/x-foobar does not return 404 if no valid data cjg defect unset -

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3755 "Request a copy" button appears on main abstract page with Kultur extension defect Intend to - 3.2
#3288 "click here" as link text in editor alert email (and others) task Would be nice -
#2710 #jumps in details stage don't work in safari defect Probably won't do - 3.0-beta-2
#3404 $eprint->get_url ignores $staff parameter defect unset - 3.0
#2813 'render_input' => 'EPrints::Extras::subject_browser_input', defect unset - 3.0-beta-3
#3568 ---maintenance option to bin/generate_apacheconf enhancement Would be nice -
#3828 /cgi/export shows deleted records defect Intend to Export 3.2
#3876 /id/document/xxxx resolves to summarypage plugin cjg defect Intend to Apache Related
#3945 <> is not legal in N-Triples cjg defect Would be nice RDF 3.2
#3076 <component> tag appears in HTML output of XHTML component. cjg defect Would be nice Workflow & InputForm
#3541 API shortcut for creating an empty list enhancement Would be nice -
#3700 AbstractSearch::export_url loses sort order parameter defect unset -
#3003 Add "staff" lookup script for author/editor autocompletion enhancement unset -
#3507 Add additional checks on documents to Issues (issues.xml) enhancement Intend to -
#3860 Add admin: triples to the boilerplate cjg enhancement Intend to RDF 3.2
#3509 Add deletion button to multiple value entry enhancement Would be nice -
#3422 Add enable_web_imports option to default config files defect Would be nice -
#3965 Add encoding info to XML config files, default template defect Intend to -
#2988 Add icon to autocomplete fields defect Would be nice -
#2461 Add last-config reload info to status screen moj task Would be nice -
#3063 Add option to display policy/usage page before serving PDF document enhancement Would be nice -
#3522 Add remote MD5 to plugin copies enhancement unset -
#3957 Add template option to latest_tool modes defect unset -
#3881 Add tidy() to outgoing email. cjg enhancement Customer Report - 3.2
#3885 Add title to <a> on document icons cjg enhancement Intend to - 3.2
#3909 Add user and home to environment defect unset -
#3573 Allow options on deposit stage of workflow enhancement Would be nice -
#3702 Audit and create sane defaults for cfg.d/ files enhancement unset -
#3183 Auto reload nameset lists enhancement unset -
#3145 Auto-expand collapsed field if shortcut link clicked enhancement Would be nice -
#3132 Autocompletion popup width incorrect when autcompleting unordered compound fields cjg defect Would be nice Workflow & InputForm
#3671 Basic authentication broken defect Must do -
#3471 Batch Edit won't work on multiple fields with a custom "fromform" method -- defect Would be nice Admin
#3911 Batch edit - allowing prepending/appending of values to text fields enhancement Customer Report - 3.2
#3519 Better description for short_family_name issue defect Intend to -
#3848 BibTeX import fails if entries do not have a key defect Customer Report - 3.2
#3967 Boolean fields render badly in batch editor defect Customer Report -
#3233 Boolean form_value_basic always returns TRUE or FALSE - not helpful if used in compound field defect Would be nice -
#3701 Broken conditional in Repository::not_found defect unset -
#3616 Browse view counts versions defect unset -
#3809 Browse views showing count of items including those in review defect unset - 3.2
#3621 Bug in scripts assuming but not setting STDOUT to be utf-8 defect Must do - 3.2.0-alpha-1
#3399 Bugs associated with searching -- defect Intend to Indexer & Search
#3991 CKAN-push (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#3619 Can only "unlink" a subject with 0 children defect Intend to - 3.1
#3690 Can't delete items which don't have an owner defect unset -
#3543 Can't override global citation styles defect unset -
#3897 Can't reindex an indexed item - Postgres / 3.1.3 tdb01r defect Customer Report Indexer & Search 3.1
#3772 Can't set an eprint lock without a user defect Intend to -
#3841 Can't specify language when using .include files as server-side includes defect Customer Report - 3.1
#3577 Can't use "search" unit test on fresh repository -- defect unset Indexer & Search
#3572 Canges to document do not change eprint's lastmod date defect Intend to -
#3103 Cannot unlink subject tree nodes with children defect Must do User Interface
#3822 Change to a document does not update eprint.lastmod, create new revision etc defect Intend to - 3.2
#3391 Changing the column order on the manage deposits page forgets the status settings defect unset -
#3097 Check field type using "isa" rather than "is_type" in special cases enhancement Would be nice -
#3560 Check for duplicate parents in subjects defect Customer Report - 3.1
#3401 Circular references in Subject tree causes system freeze defect unset -
#3229 Colon (:) in search field value causes problems with serialise/unserialise defect Intend to -
#3924 Command line 'epadmin schema' is broken defect Would be nice Admin
#3939 Compliancy with OpenAIRE enhancement unset -
#3077 Compound fields ignore export_as_xml in subfields defect unset - 3.0
#3913 Counts wrong in browse views defect unset -
#3741 Custom dataset missing features task Would be nice - 3.2
#3641 DataObj::EPrints::render_box_list should be 'hidable' defect unset -
#3994 Dataset Disposition Field (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#3995 Dataset Workflow (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#3993 Dataset processing API (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#3992 Dataset registration API (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#2978 Date validation - Feb 30th accepted as valid date enhancement Would be nice -
#3449 Default phrases for subject view not consistent with default views setup defect Intend to - 3.1
#3898 Default view config settings don't suit items with no creators (eg. editors only) defect Customer Report - 3.1
#3345 Defining help for fields in workflow inconsistent between Component and Field::Multi defect Intend to -
#3989 Desktop Drag and Drop Upload Tool (for Data Repository) defect unset -
#3185 Disable/enable auto config loading enhancement unset -
#3789 Document automatic fields not called on create defect unset - 3.1
#3668 Document content tags defect unset -
#2994 Document with no files may cause confusion enhancement Would be nice -
#3208 Document::clone only clones some (hardcoded) fields defect Intend to -
#3499 Don't advertise PubMed XML import -- enhancement Intend to Import
#2928 Don't collapse tree when new subject added enhancement Would be nice -
#3220 Dynamic reloading crashes server if the file is bad. defect unset -
#3126 EPrint::Metafield::get_input_elements Only show "More input rows" box if input_add_boxes != 0 defect Would be nice -
#3506 EPrints::Extras::render_url_truncate_middle chops off last char defect Intend to -
#3699 EPrints::Paginate ignores below_results pin defect unset -
#3768 Edit Config vai interface flakey when EPrints installed on Windows Platform defect unset -
#3983 Edit Page - seems to append rather than replace page content? defect Customer Report Screen Plugins 3.2
#3853 Edit::XPage breaks if xpage has specified a template defect Must do -
#3491 Emails from EPrints appear with "Unknown date" in some mail clients defect Would be nice - 3.1
#3285 Enable screen plugins to set/retrieve their own cookies enhancement Intend to -
#3521 Enable tokenising in autocompleter enhancement Would be nice -
#3442 EndNote import - don't skip unrecognised citation types enhancement Would be nice -
#3698 Endnot Export bug defect unset -
#2948 Enhance LDAP support tmb enhancement Intend to -
#3990 Example data-explorer overlay (for Data Repository) enhancement unset -
#2989 Extend tooltip on up/down arrows for ordering values enhancement Would be nice -
#3757 Failing to write order values does not cause enough alarm bells to to off! defect unset -
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