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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3530 browse_link doesn't support new 'menus' configuration option defect Priority Fix -
#3821 Fix browse links to {menus} configured views defect Priority Fix -
#3467 Document conversions should inherit metadata from converted document defect Customer Report -
#3526 EPrints::abort called after editing static page defect Customer Report -
#3783 Can't serve a file with a ' in it. defect Customer Report - 3.2
#3808 Add textonly attribute to <epc:phrase> enhancement Customer Report -
#3525 Typo in Export::MultilineExcel defect Must do -
#3574 latest tool: ignore 'n' when 'output' is set and returns ALL eprints defect Must do -
#3239 $fieldname used more than once in defect Intend to -
#3240 Name field validation messages unhelpful defect Intend to -
#3446 URL passed to get_login_url does not include query parameters defect Intend to - 3.1
#3448 Subject sorting in DataObj::Subject::get_all doesn't use ordervalues defect Intend to - 3.1
#3824 mail_sig phrase uses $config{frontpage} defect Intend to Default Config 3.2
#2965 Compound fields don't warn if sub_name isn't set and name is set defect unset - 3.0
#2971 latest_tool ignores max value if output plugin specified defect unset -
#3002 MetaField::Compound isn't subclassable cjg defect unset - 3.0
#3331 redirect in auth_cookie has wrong path defect unset -
#3756 Phrase editor bugs in recent IE defect unset -
#3812 Edit Page link broken from home page defect unset -
#3815 Update views breaks with long values defect unset -
#3816 Indexer still using the __index tables defect unset -
#3395 Upload component must have >1 field defect Would be nice - 3.0
#3461 Reduce size of thumbnail images enhancement Would be nice Convert Plugins
#3492 http://yourepo/cgi/search/user crashes with Internal Server Error defect Would be nice -

Resolution: invalid (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2741 preview icons are not how they will end up. defect unset - 3.0-beta-2
#3055 Improve Search Performance enhancement unset - 3.0

Resolution: wontfix (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3805 Redundant code in EPrints/Index/ ? defect Intend to - 3.2
#3565 Add apachevhost to the auto-secure apache conf file enhancement Would be nice -

Resolution: worksforme (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3497 send_alerts fails on wide characters defect Customer Report -
#3547 EPrints.ecs search doesnt return correct results defect Customer Report - 3.1
#867 Can't upload files with a double quote in the name cjg defect Intend to - unspecified
#3287 "Use of uninitialized value in string" warnings when running send_alerts, epadmin recommit defect Intend to - 3.0
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