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#4046 simple search doesn't apply metadata_visibility=show defect unset -
#4048 "Edit page" on home page causes 500 defect unset -
#4052 Trailing comma in Javascript 99_eprints_api.js defect unset -
#4049 Edit config file - paste problem? defect Intend to Screen Plugins
#4043 Export::Endnote typo defect Must do -
#4051 Search - export links not working tdb01r defect Must do Indexer & Search
#4044 InputForm/Component/Field/Subject - search broken defect Customer Report - unspecified
#4045 Edit page phrases not working on http pages defect Customer Report Screen Plugins unspecified
#4047 title_duplicates should still work with old "eprintid" parameter? cjg defect Customer Report Workflow & InputForm
#4050 Batch edit -> Remove items doesn't remove items defect Customer Report Screen Plugins
#4053 Hide/disable Upload button when "automatically" uploading selected file cjg enhancement Customer Report Workflow & InputForm
#4054 Some calls to $lang->has_phrase don't pass session parameter defect Customer Report Phrases
#4055 User profile - editperms values lost cjg defect Customer Report Workflow & InputForm
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