17:40 Ticket #1961 (add URL field to subjects) created by cjg
If the subjects could have an additional property of a URL field they …
17:09 Changeset [1477] by tdb01r
* Uppercased all SQL terms
17:08 Ticket #1960 (Sort 2.4 tickets into alpha,beta,release) closed by cjg
15:30 Ticket #1960 (Sort 2.4 tickets into alpha,beta,release) created by cjg
Move the current tickets into alpha, beta and release.
15:29 Ticket #1959 (Make TRAC use UK date format) created by cjg
argh. TRAC uses MM/DD/YY - can this be altered.


14:57 Ticket #1958 (raereport - Check that users.dept is NOT NULL) created by tmb
If the "users.dept" field is NULL in the database, the apache log fills up …
14:56 Ticket #1957 (Improve raereport documentation - "grouping" field) created by tmb
(David Nutter) There's no documentation that I can find regarding the key …
14:54 Ticket #1956 (Better installation instructions/install script) created by tmb
The provided SQL in README does not work with Mysql 4 if cut-and-pasted. …
14:52 Ticket #1955 (Don't use nested SQL queries) created by tmb
Since core eprints works with MySQL versions >3 avoid any features like …


20:58 Ticket #1954 (Add/Remove Fields/Schemas) created by tmb
EPrints needs a simple but functional interface for adding fields to live …
20:45 Ticket #1953 (Improved Buffer UI) created by tmb
Rather than a long list, the buffer should be filterable (e.g. show only …
19:52 Changeset [1476] by tdb01r
* Oops, missed perldoc:EPrints::Plugin::Output::ContextObject
19:50 Changeset [1475] by tdb01r
* Modified LogHandler? to use L<EPrints::OpenArchives?>::oai_identifier * …
19:42 Ticket #1952 (Wrong datestamp format in OAI) created by tdb01r
Datestamp for OAI should be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ, currently being rendered …
18:53 Ticket #1951 (License not generic) created by cjg
My instincts say that the license field in metafield is the wrong thing. …
18:44 Ticket #878 (Combine inbox,buffer,archive and deletion) closed by cjg
fixed: [1469] closes this!
18:44 Ticket #1947 (Merge Config.pm into Archive.pm) closed by cjg
wontfix: Actually Config handles software level config, repository handles the …
18:43 Ticket #1859 (Dupping when a transfer fails) closed by cjg
fixed: [1469] makes this irrelevant - the code is removed.
18:24 Changeset [1474] by tdb01r
* create_user is now create in L<EPrints::DataObj::User>
17:57 Changeset [1473] by cjg
* Renamed Search modules to be EPrints::Search, EPrints::Search::Condition …
16:04 Changeset [1472] by tdb01r
* Added link to maxmind
16:00 Changeset [1471] by tdb01r
* Added support for GeoIPOrg database (paid) * Added geoip configuration …
13:25 Changeset [1470] by tdb01r
* Pod refinements


20:53 Changeset [1469] by cjg
* Merged inbox,buffer, archive and deletion into a single set of SQL …
20:08 Changeset [1468] by cjg
* Changed SOAP scripts to use get_repository.
19:11 Changeset [1467] by tdb01r
* Added support for GeoIP * Added rudimentary translation of URLs to ids
17:52 Changeset [1466] by tdb01r
* Added accesslog data set * Added perldoc:EPrints::DataObj::Access …
17:49 Changeset [1465] by tdb01r
* Placeholder for METS format output (unsure how it should be implemented)
17:27 Changeset [1464] by tdb01r
* Fixed style of get_repository
16:42 Changeset [1463] by tdb01r
* Updated comment-hashing style
15:54 Changeset [1462] by cjg
* Added a BackCompatability? module and moved all the stub packages from …
15:50 Ticket #1950 (Move Apache-specifics into Apache subfolder) created by tdb01r
AnApache.pm, !Auth.pm, LogHandler.pm, RequestWrapper2.pm, …
15:40 Changeset [1461] by tdb01r
* Made more readable
15:25 Changeset [1460] by tdb01r
- Oops, fixed to foreach() instead of while() over sort()
15:21 Changeset [1459] by tdb01r
* Fixed bug in Plugin::loaddir where subclasses were being loaded before …
11:37 Ticket #1949 (check incoming data) created by cjg
the set_value method should be more careful about checking utf-8 …


22:49 Changeset [1458] by cjg
- Renamed EPrints::Archive to EPrints::Repository. - Renamed all $archive …
19:47 Changeset [1457] by cjg
- Seperated the code from citations which handles ifset and ifmatch into …
19:42 Changeset [1456] by cjg
changed import_test_data to just "use EPrints"
19:27 Changeset [1455] by cjg
updated tests to work with new module arrangement.
19:00 Ticket #1948 (Integrate Workflow and DataSet) created by cjg
* Write method to parse metadata-types.xml and produce a workflow. …
15:56 Ticket #1947 (Merge Config.pm into Archive.pm) created by cjg
They do the same type of task!
15:09 Ticket #1946 (Plugin option to request additional XML phrase file) created by cjg
This option would allow 3rd party modules to specify that they have their …
14:01 Ticket #1920 (last status change field) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by [1452]


18:50 Ticket #1940 (quick link to buffer from edit_eprint) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by [1454] (although the link could be more logically placed).
18:50 Changeset [1454] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
18:42 Changeset [1453] by cjg
- Cleaned up some more typos from the DataObj/?* change and the …
18:40 Changeset [1452] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
18:15 Ticket #1945 (attributes in XML must not be NULL) created by cjg
Some warning messages may be removed if we check that we don't try and …
17:56 Ticket #1944 (Item "0" causes issues) created by cjg
I accidentally created an eprint with an id of "0". This appeared to …
17:03 Ticket #1943 (testdata uses plugin system) created by cjg
The testdata should use the plugin system.
17:02 Ticket #1942 (Remove ImportXML) created by cjg
The importXML functionality should be moved into a plugin.
16:56 Ticket #1941 (Improve search results view) created by cjg
A cleaner layout for search results - as used by eprints.soton
16:04 Ticket #1922 (import new xml format) closed by cjg
16:04 Changeset [1451] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
15:56 Ticket #1935 (import returns a list.) closed by cjg
fixed: done.
15:55 Ticket #1934 (detect unexpeded elements in text parts of xml import) closed by cjg
fixed: fixed.
15:54 Changeset [1450] by cjg
Failed to add the input plugins a previous commit.
15:52 Ticket #1905 (EPrints::User records return arrays) closed by cjg
fixed: [1430] changes this - this is a change to the API and has a small chance …
15:50 Ticket #1921 (uketd_dc) closed by cjg
fixed: Closed by [1431] The code is GPL and the copyright isn't a big issues as …
15:47 Ticket #839 (Make document & subscription into sub-objects.) closed by cjg
fixed: mostly done in [1448]. There is still some hacks involved in the …
15:41 Ticket #843 (Import/export sub-objects) closed by cjg
15:19 Ticket #1940 (quick link to buffer from edit_eprint) created by cjg
People often need to get between the edit_eprint pages and the editorial …
14:00 Ticket #1939 (deprecate "create" method) created by cjg
13:23 Changeset [1449] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …


00:56 Changeset [1448] by cjg
- Added input plugin system. = Added bin/import to import things - Added …


17:21 Changeset [1447] by cjg
2006-02-16 cjg …
17:03 Changeset [1446] by cjg
2006-02-16 cjg …
12:21 Ticket #1938 (indexer cleanup) created by cjg
clean up the indexer code - make it roll logs and check the comments.
11:35 Ticket #1937 (skip email sometimes) created by cjg
make sending a bounce/delete email optional.
11:09 Ticket #1936 (failed imports go to failed file.) created by cjg
write any failed eprints to a log file which contains a note of the error.
02:15 Ticket #1935 (import returns a list.) created by cjg
the import list method should remember the ids of the items it creates and …
02:14 Ticket #1934 (detect unexpeded elements in text parts of xml import) created by cjg
in xml import, don't just tree-to-utf8. Check that only text elements are …
02:11 Ticket #1933 (import and export bin's should match) created by cjg
make the options as close as possible for import and export make the …
02:08 Ticket #1932 (never-import fields) created by cjg
there are certain fields which should never be imported, such as the …


20:45 Ticket #1931 (Import via CGI) created by cjg
Add a way to cut-and-paste + upload files to the users area via available …
15:12 Ticket #1930 (user home page allow additional options) created by cjg
There should be an option to add new options to the user home page. Just …
15:12 Ticket #1929 (user home page generated from html_phrase) created by cjg
If the user homepage was generated from an html phrase it'd be easier for …
14:37 Ticket #1875 (annoying warning when loading pdftotext plugin.) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in so far that the plugin won't do anything if not configured in …
14:37 Ticket #1925 (Create Convert plugins for antiword/ps2ascii/html) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Requires configuration in SystemSettings to work.
14:36 Ticket #1869 (Use Convert Plugins for full-text indexing) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Fixed in r1445. Diff to Harry's code; * use [perldoc:EPrints::TempDir] …
14:33 Changeset [1445] by tdb01r
* Removed Convert/* modules (superceded by EPrints::Plugin::Convert)
14:32 Changeset [1444] by tdb01r
* Added support for .txt files * Returns () if get_main doesn't convert …
14:03 Changeset [1443] by tdb01r
* Changed Convert/pdftotext.pm to PlainText?.pm * Added support for …
13:36 Changeset [1442] by tdb01r
* Added join_path() utility method
12:43 Changeset [1441] by tdb01r
* DC Output: Changed abstract page to be relation and full-text links to …
12:18 Ticket #1928 (Minor Accounts) created by cjg
A way to allow people to sign up with an email address/password so that …
12:17 Ticket #1927 (Contact Author Feature) created by cjg
An option to allow registered users to send an email to other registered …


11:58 Ticket #1926 (Option to show ALL items on a subject page.) created by cjg
A subject page shows only the items in that node, not the sub nodes. This …


20:20 Ticket #1843 (License with documents) closed by tdb01r
fixed: See [perldoc:EPrints::License]. Relies on additional field in Document …
20:12 Ticket #1925 (Create Convert plugins for antiword/ps2ascii/html) created by tdb01r
Create or adapt Convert plugins for other file formats: * antiword (MS …
20:01 Changeset [1440] by tdb01r
- Plain-text conversion now uses Convert plugin(s) - Added search-like …
19:59 Changeset [1439] by tdb01r
- Changed call to File::Temp::tempdir()
19:22 Changeset [1438] by tdb01r
- Fixed abort() location in bin/startup.pl
18:15 Changeset [1437] by tdb01r
- Changed to use perldoc:EPrints::Utils prepare_cmd - Changed Convert.pm …
18:13 Changeset [1436] by tdb01r
- Fix errant quote in pod
18:11 Changeset [1435] by tdb01r
- Added prepare_cmd to EPrints::Utils. Prepares a command as specified in …
17:33 Changeset [1434] by cjg
forgot a @ which had become a EPrints::List
17:32 Changeset [1433] by cjg
part of previous oai-related diff.
17:31 Changeset [1432] by cjg
2006-02-13 cjg …
17:29 Changeset [1431] by cjg
2006-02-13 cjg …
15:27 Ticket #1924 (pin expiry in email.) created by cjg
the confirmation email should contain the pin expiry time.
13:59 Ticket #1923 (ask for password twice in signup) created by cjg
12:24 Ticket #1922 (import new xml format) created by cjg
The new 2.4 XML format needs to be importable.


13:40 Ticket #1921 (uketd_dc) created by cjg
new export plugin for OAI. Check copyright.


17:39 Ticket #1907 (merge search results) closed by cjg
17:38 Changeset [1430] by cjg
2006-02-09 cjg - Changed $user->get_eprints, get_owned_eprints and …
14:56 Ticket #1920 (last status change field) created by cjg
the buffer shows the date an eprint was deposited. This is different from …
12:18 Ticket #1919 (Add/Remove to Lists) created by cjg
This would allow lists to have items added and removed. It should work …
12:12 Changeset [1429] by cjg
missed part of last big commit.
12:12 Changeset [1428] by cjg
missed part of last commit.
11:52 Changeset [1427] by cjg
2006-02-09 cjg …
11:45 Ticket #1918 (Document the History.pm methods) created by cjg
History.pm needs tidying up.


22:21 Ticket #1917 (Show whole record if no diff.) closed by cjg
22:01 Ticket #868 (Improve eprint "control" page.) closed by cjg
21:54 Ticket #1162 (edit_eprint says "Save for Later") closed by cjg
21:46 Ticket #1852 (New Installer) closed by cjg
21:42 Ticket #1842 (Easier Approving of Items ) closed by cjg
21:41 Ticket #1834 (Unique ID issue) closed by cjg
21:40 Ticket #1386 (Staff eprint edit will lose changes when files is not last stage) closed by cjg
21:40 Ticket #1386 (Staff eprint edit will lose changes when files is not last stage) reopened by cjg
21:40 Ticket #1386 (Staff eprint edit will lose changes when files is not last stage) closed by cjg
invalid: This code has been rewritten and this bug is gone by definition.
21:38 Ticket #1174 (s/submission buffer/editorial buffer/) closed by cjg
21:38 Ticket #1173 (s/archive/repository/) closed by cjg
21:37 Ticket #1172 (Unify names of everything) closed by cjg
21:22 Ticket #864 (MySQL GRANT for temporary tables) closed by cjg
18:07 Ticket #1917 (Show whole record if no diff.) created by cjg
If a diff isn't possible, then render the XML for the whole record.
18:00 Ticket #1672 (XML+Files export mode) closed by cjg
17:59 Ticket #1671 (make export_xml use plugins + deprecate it) closed by cjg
fixed: export_xml has been removed from the current branch.
17:59 Ticket #1914 (remove "id" from plugins) closed by cjg
fixed: done.
17:56 Ticket #1874 (make bin/export work with single items, or make a different script) closed by cjg
fixed: done [1426]
17:56 Changeset [1426] by cjg
- EPrints::List can now be constructed with a list of values, and if no …
17:37 Logging edited by tdb01r
17:35 Logging edited by tdb01r
15:59 Logging edited by tdb01r


18:11 Ticket #1916 (Search Within Results) created by cjg
This feature would allow a search to be filtered on items in a cache table …


13:38 Changeset [1425] by tdb01r
- Corrected mistake in set_document_defaults doc - Added links


21:13 Changeset [1424] by cjg
2006-02-02 cjg (it's by birthday. I'm 30. Woooo!) …
20:38 Ticket #1669 (Command line export) closed by cjg
19:02 InstallingFromSvn edited by tdb01r
18:51 InstallingFromSvn edited by tdb01r
18:07 Changeset [1423] by tdb01r
- Missed a =back
18:06 Changeset [1422] by tdb01r
- Fixed typo (see=set), too tired to do this reliably :-)
18:05 Changeset [1421] by tdb01r
- eprint_automatic_fields -> set_eprint_automatic_fields
18:03 Changeset [1420] by tdb01r
- Converted doc to pod
17:40 Changeset [1419] by tdb01r
- Converted all doc to pod format
17:21 Changeset [1418] by tdb01r
- Oops, got label|link round the wrong way in pod
17:14 Changeset [1417] by tdb01r
This is an experimental change to the documentation (to link together …
17:00 Changeset [1416] by tdb01r
- Added documentation for CALLBACKS
14:52 Logging edited by tdb01r
02:56 Changeset [1415] by cjg
2006-02-02 cjg (it's by birthday. I'm 30. Woooo!) …


19:59 Ticket #1915 (new edit_eprint full eprint render does not highlight suggestions.) created by cjg
Use a custom render to make it stand out?
19:56 Ticket #1914 (remove "id" from plugins) created by cjg
TDB pointed out that the "id" field in plugins is redundant. We can use …
18:45 Changeset [1414] by cjg
- New method to database. counter_reset which sets a counter back to 0.
18:44 Changeset [1413] by cjg
- History now knows how to render itself as XHTML. - When an email is …
18:39 Changeset [1412] by cjg
- Added an option to $dataobj->to_xml. If embed is set to 1 then the …
18:36 Changeset [1411] by cjg
- Everywhere the code skips "CVS" directories it now also skips ".svn"
18:27 Ticket #1902 (Selective rebuilding of tables) closed by cjg
18:27 Changeset [1410] by cjg
2006-02-01 cjg …
18:16 Ticket #1913 (Hard coded "rm") created by cjg
There's a hard coded "rm" in erase_eprints and erase_archive
11:39 Ticket #1912 (HOWTO: move an archive to a new server) created by cjg
11:39 Ticket #1911 (HOWTO: create an https archive) created by cjg
11:26 Changeset [1409] by tdb01r
- Removed svn:executable property
01:33 Changeset [1408] by cjg
- Removed some unwanted comments from Plugin::Output::XML - Fixed any …
01:30 Changeset [1407] by cjg
- Added XMLFiles export plugin which outputs eprints 2.4 xml format with …
01:26 Ticket #1673 (Staff search output options) closed by cjg
01:26 Changeset [1406] by cjg
- Staff searches now show plugins with both "all" and "staff" visibility. …


19:56 WikiStart edited by tdb01r
19:55 Ticket #1897 (robots.txt) closed by cjg
19:55 Changeset [1405] by cjg
2006-01-30 cjg …
19:49 Ticket #1457 (results don't show if no ordervalue) closed by cjg
fixed: This has been fixed some time ago by using LEFT JOIN.
19:39 Ticket #1211 (API does not give warnings) closed by cjg
19:38 Changeset [1404] by cjg
2006-01-30 cjg …
19:11 Ticket #877 (Limit file formats by eprint type) closed by cjg
fixed: is in current version. The config option can be a function ref instead of …
19:10 Ticket #1904 (document DataObj with abstract methods.) closed by cjg
19:09 Changeset [1403] by cjg
2006-01-30 cjg …
18:50 Ticket #1910 (add perldoc for plugins) created by cjg
18:50 Ticket #1909 (add perldoc for metafield::*) created by cjg
18:50 Ticket #1908 (add perldoc for metafield::basic) created by cjg
18:49 Changeset [1402] by cjg
2006-01-30 cjg …
18:48 Changeset [1401] by cjg
2006-01-30 cjg …
18:42 Changeset [1400] by tdb01r
- Doc change to test PerlDoc? Trac interface
17:14 Ticket #1907 (merge search results) created by cjg
This is a feature of the EPrints::List (ne SearchResults?) package which …
16:17 Ticket #1906 (ReiserFS support) created by cjg
Hi, I would like to suggest to include support for reiserfs in …
14:58 Ticket #1905 (EPrints::User records return arrays) created by cjg
The get_eprints and get_editable_eprints records methods return arrays of …
13:44 Ticket #1904 (document DataObj with abstract methods.) created by cjg


11:44 Changeset [1399] by sf11@…
11:44 Changeset [1398] by sf11@…
11:44 Changeset [1397] by sf11@…
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