20:36 Ticket #2014 (Upload document first, extract metadata and pre-fill fields) created by tmb
From Arthur Sale "The document(s) are uploaded before the metadata page …
20:35 Ticket #2013 (Automatically populate keywords) created by tmb
From Arthur Sale: "The Keywords metadata has a default of <empty> in …
17:23 Changeset [1534] by cjg
- …
15:34 Ticket #2012 (ISI import) created by cjg
would it be possible to import records straight from the ISI Web of …
13:22 Ticket #2002 (dates as integers lists rather than DATE / TIME field.) closed by cjg
fixed: done in [1533].
13:19 Changeset [1533] by cjg
* Changed dates (and times) to use INT's with NULL indicating an unknown …
13:18 Ticket #2011 (creation = status change?) created by cjg
Does creation indicate a status change? Should items be created with a …
13:12 Ticket #2010 (could merge some selects) created by cjg
When a number of selects are all done on one table and are ANDed together …
13:07 Ticket #2009 (time searching) created by cjg
The time field search code needs testing.
13:03 Changeset [1532] by tdb01r
* Removed METS test plugin (no relevant profile for eprints) * Added …
12:13 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
12:05 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
12:02 Ticket #2008 (Language id in subject editor) created by cjg
The subject editor appears to create corrupt langauge id's for the names …
11:58 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
11:57 viewhistory.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:56 requestdoc.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:56 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
11:43 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
11:42 contactemail.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:41 embargo.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:20 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
11:19 controlpagezoom.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:19 controlpage.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
11:09 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
10:52 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
10:50 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
10:49 outputplugins.png attached to NewFeaturesShowcase by tmb
10:49 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
10:42 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
10:21 NewFeaturesShowcase created by tmb


17:04 Changeset [1531] by tmb
* Fixed some bugs revealed by testing
11:48 Ticket #2007 (render_input does not get passed $obj) created by cjg
The render_input method just gets undef instead of the promised $obj.


12:47 Changeset [1530] by cjg
Added an XML tidy method to produce indented XML.
11:12 Ticket #2006 (add name of actor to history) created by cjg
If a users record changes or is deleted it should still log their name and …
01:39 Changeset [1529] by tmb
* Fixed EndNote? output plugin, needed an output_dataobj method now we're …
01:16 Ticket #1911 (HOWTO: create an https archive) closed by tmb
fixed: Added to wiki
01:13 Ticket #2000 (Log lifting of embargos) closed by tmb
01:02 Changeset [1528] by tmb
* Added check on day part of embargo date
00:23 Ticket #1999 (Fix links in request document emails) closed by tmb
00:22 Changeset [1527] by tmb
* Replaced "request document(s)" link with "request item(s)" button #1997
00:16 Ticket #1997 (Stop google crawling the request document page) closed by tmb
fixed: Replaced link with a button proper.
00:10 Ticket #2005 (Datestamp not set on new deposits?) created by tmb
I deposited a new item and it said "Deposited Date Deposited UNSPECIFIED" …
00:06 Ticket #2004 (Seperate actions from metadata on Item Control Page) created by tmb
The action links could be more clearly distinguished from the metadata. It …


23:36 Ticket #1982 (Edit link on selection should reflect whether additional info has been ...) closed by tmb
23:36 Ticket #1979 (Simplify publication selection) closed by tmb
23:36 Ticket #1976 (Flexible field definitions for "edit" script) closed by tmb
fixed: Multiple/hasid/anything other than single-value properties not supported
23:34 Ticket #909 (RAE Nominated papers function) closed by tmb
23:33 Ticket #1884 (Endnote Output Plugin) closed by tmb
23:32 Ticket #1868 (Request-document feature) closed by tmb
23:31 Ticket #1883 (Publisher- or funder-imposed embargo support) closed by tmb
19:10 Changeset [1526] by tmb
* tidied report code * separated out code for CSV, mainonly and default * …
17:42 Ticket #1971 (Metafields should be read-only) closed by cjg
wontfix: Hmm. This is largely done, but metafields still need their render opts so …
17:35 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
17:31 Ticket #1989 (retire render_opts) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by [1525]
17:31 Changeset [1525] by cjg
Removed render_opts property. Each render_opt becomes a property in its …
14:48 Ticket #2003 (subjects search field very wide) created by cjg
The subject search field tends to get very wide, which messes up templates …
12:06 Ticket #2002 (dates as integers lists rather than DATE / TIME field.) created by cjg
suggestion by robert…
11:21 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
11:20 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
11:05 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
10:55 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
10:27 FeedbackForm created by cjg
10:17 WikiStart edited by cjg
10:16 WikiStart edited by cjg
10:16 WikiStart edited by cjg


21:47 Ticket #2001 (Better phrases for request document) created by tmb
"Request Restricted Documents" is v. bad (Harnad) - I agree. How about …
21:38 Ticket #2000 (Log lifting of embargos) created by tmb
When an embargo is lifted, make sure the metadata (i.e. document security) …
21:36 Ticket #1999 (Fix links in request document emails) created by tmb
The long URLs wrap and don't work properly.
21:34 Ticket #1998 (More sensible default configuration for request document feature) created by tmb
Currently defaults to the admin email. Perhaps this should be commented …
21:32 Ticket #1997 (Stop google crawling the request document page) created by tmb
Google crawls the page where the requester enters their email address. We …
15:30 Ticket #1996 (Text::Refer not installed warning) created by cjg
If Text::Refer is not installed then Input::Endnote spews a huge confusing …
14:39 Changeset [1524] by cjg
* Deprecated create class method on dataobj's in favour of the …


01:18 Changeset [1523] by tmb
* Updated EndNote? output plugin. Will probably remove Refer plugin as …
01:16 Changeset [1522] by tmb
* Added EndNote? Input plugin


12:33 Logging edited by tdb01r


22:02 Changeset [1521] by tmb
* Replaced occurences of edit with qualify
21:59 Changeset [1520] by tmb
* Renamed edit to qualify * Added error messages to create_rae_tables
18:04 Changeset [1519] by tmb
* Added phrase to indicate no selections made * Search is carried out by …
18:03 Changeset [1518] by tmb
* Minor changes
16:00 Changeset [1517] by tmb
15:45 Changeset [1516] by tmb
* Created script for building rae_moe and rae_selections tables
15:44 Changeset [1515] by tmb
15:36 Changeset [1514] by tmb
* Renamed sotoncfg -> defaultcfg
15:35 Changeset [1513] by tmb
* Cleaned up * Added more EPrints-like field definitions for moe and edit
15:34 Changeset [1512] by tmb
* phrases can now be loaded into phrases-en.xml via a SYSTEM entity * …
15:32 Changeset [1511] by tmb
* Cleaned up code * moe table is now one row per record like selections …
14:38 Ticket #1995 (Repository cover page for PDFs) created by tdb01r
It would be useful to have the ability to add cover-pages to PDF …
14:23 Ticket #1977 (RAELoader doesn't work for multiple archives or multiple languages) closed by tmb
14:23 Ticket #1981 (Seperate form for additional info about a selection) closed by tmb
14:22 Ticket #1975 (Rename scripts) closed by tmb
13:49 Changeset [1510] by tmb
* Cleaned up code * Fields config now read from ArchiveRAEConfig.pm * …


16:24 Ticket #1994 (input_style options are confused) created by cjg
should it be short/long/radio or menu?


14:15 Changeset [1509] by tmb
* Renamed phrases file
14:07 Ticket #1993 (logging of request-document featute) closed by tmb
duplicate: Duplicate of #1889
14:03 Changeset [1508] by tmb
* Added edit script for capturing additional info about a selected item
13:54 Changeset [1507] by tmb
* Renamed scripts - don't need 'rae' prefix
12:39 Ticket #1993 (logging of request-document featute) created by cjg
Requests for a document should be logged. Perhaps this could be a new …


20:56 Ticket #1939 (deprecate "create" method) closed by cjg
20:54 Changeset [1506] by cjg
* Deprecated create class method on dataobj's in favour of the …
20:43 Ticket #1992 (typing for field properties) created by cjg
fields properties should be typed. This can # check that the values are …
20:31 Ticket #1991 (permissions dataset needs tidying up or removing before beta) created by cjg
20:17 Ticket #1990 ($dataset->create_object == could have a better name) created by cjg
19:38 Changeset [1505] by cjg
Rewrote ->error() as ->error
19:37 Changeset [1504] by cjg
renamed get_db to get_database
19:25 Ticket #1938 (indexer cleanup) closed by cjg
fixed: [[1503]] done.
19:21 Ticket #1989 (retire render_opts) created by cjg
render_opts options should just become normal metafield options, of …
17:23 Ticket #1932 (never-import fields) closed by cjg
fixed: If the field property "import" is not true (defaults to be true) then the …
17:22 Ticket #1969 (scalars not code refs in field config.) closed by cjg


16:28 Ticket #1988 (Latest Items gives iffy answers) created by cjg
The latest items should be the items you want on your front page - that is …
16:04 Changeset [1503] by cjg
2006-03-03 …
13:08 Ticket #1987 (Upload several documents in a zip file) created by tmb
Its currently possible to upload a zip file to a Document which gets burst …
11:17 Changeset [1502] by tmb
Changed ssl_base_url to https_base_url


19:16 Changeset [1501] by tmb
14:38 Ticket #1986 (Paracite Input Plugin) created by cjg
A plugin which imports data from a list of references, using paracite.
14:38 Ticket #1985 (Text Output Plugin) created by cjg
A plugin which just outouts a text file with the papers listed.
14:37 Ticket #1984 (HTML Output Plugin) created by cjg
A plugin which just outouts an HTML fragment with the papers in.
12:14 Ticket #883 (HowTo run eprints with https) closed by tmb
12:05 Changeset [1500] by tmb
* Added ssl_base_url entity and template-secure-en.xml for easier HTTPS …
10:34 Ticket #1983 (Add LDAP starter config/code) created by tmb
Add LDAP "starter code" so that to enable LDAP support the admin just …
10:24 Ticket #1982 (Edit link on selection should reflect whether additional info has been ...) created by tmb
If additional info has not been added for that selection, link could read …
10:21 Ticket #1981 (Seperate form for additional info about a selection) created by tmb
The user uses raeselect purely to create a selection - raeselect contains …
10:13 Ticket #1980 (raereport should focus on problems, rather than report everything) created by tmb
raereport should direct the (admin/manager) user to problems rather than …
10:12 Ticket #1979 (Simplify publication selection) created by tmb
Currently, the screen is initially divided into "selected items" and a …
10:11 Ticket #1978 (Documentation should contain series of HOWTOs) created by tmb
Documentation should contain series of HOWTOs which explain the various …
10:06 Ticket #1977 (RAELoader doesn't work for multiple archives or multiple languages) created by tmb
The current process of "injecting" config and phrases does not support …
10:02 Ticket #1976 (Flexible field definitions for "edit" script) created by tmb
To make the "edit" script more flexible, it should read its field …
09:59 Ticket #1975 (Rename scripts) created by tmb
The scripts are already in an "rae" directory, so don't need to be …


18:04 Changeset [1499] by tdb01r
* Gave them slightly more meaningful names * Fixed missing xmlns:xsi in …
18:01 Changeset [1498] by tdb01r
* export requires executable bit in svn
18:00 Changeset [1497] by tdb01r
* Fixed missing xmlns:xsi in ContextObject? * Added support for …
14:40 Ticket #1974 (DataBase.pm: net_to/from long) created by moj
long does not appear to be supported in 4.0.18 - suggest changing to int …
10:29 Changeset [1496] by cjg
* Changed default ArchiveRenderConfig? to use scalars for call-backs …
09:53 Ticket #1973 (Use MIME module for all email) created by cjg
We should shift over to using the Perl MIME module for all email - I think …
09:49 Changeset [1495] by tdb01r
* Changed create_user to create in cgi scripts * Changed 'to' to …


19:00 Ticket #1970 (input boolean does not show result) closed by cjg
18:55 Ticket #1972 (stop using get_properties inside metafield) created by cjg
Inside metafield it would be quicker not to keep calling get_property all …
18:52 Changeset [1494] by cjg
2006-02-28 cjg …
18:52 Ticket #1950 (Move Apache-specifics into Apache subfolder) closed by cjg
fixed: done in [1489] and [1492]
18:48 Ticket #1971 (Metafields should be read-only) created by cjg
$dataset->get_field currently makes a new metafield. Wouldn't it be …
18:42 Changeset [1493] by cjg
2006-02-28 cjg …
18:39 Ticket #1968 (input_bool to easy to say yes.) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Changed name to _confirm (more meaningful) and - by default - asks for …
18:38 Ticket #1967 (Move LogHandler to EPrints::Apache) closed by tdb01r
18:21 Changeset [1492] by tdb01r
* Moved LogHandler? to Apache/
18:07 Changeset [1491] by tdb01r
* Renamed Utils::get_input_bool to get_input_confirm and changed $default …
17:50 Ticket #1970 (input boolean does not show result) created by cjg
You can't scroll back and see if you typed yes or no. This would be fixed …
17:32 Ticket #1969 (scalars not code refs in field config.) created by cjg
make render_input, render_value etc. work with scalars not code refs. …
17:30 Ticket #1968 (input_bool to easy to say yes.) created by cjg
Usually input_bool is used for "Are you sure" on serious changes. Just …
17:29 Ticket #1872 (version of is_set with no warning) closed by cjg
fixed: added exists_if_set in [1485]
17:26 Changeset [1490] by cjg
* Changed all output plugins to use exists_and_set rather than is_set.
17:22 Changeset [1489] by cjg
* Moved Apache related methods into a subdirectory Apache/ and renamed …
17:22 Changeset [1488] by cjg
removed not-needed commit from import_test_data
17:19 Changeset [1487] by cjg
* updated tests to work with new module names
17:14 Changeset [1486] by cjg
* Change to the are-you-sure code in bin scripts - now uses a variable …
16:58 Ticket #1967 (Move LogHandler to EPrints::Apache) created by cjg
16:57 Changeset [1485] by cjg
2006-02-28 cjg …
16:41 Changeset [1484] by cjg
Added a Makefile for GNU Coding Standards Also install.pl can now take a …
16:10 Ticket #1966 (Qualified DC Plugin) created by cjg
Dave Tarrant is mapping eprints fields to Qualified DC. Turning this …
14:54 Changeset [1483] by tdb01r
* Added Permission dataset * Added permission_group to User and Document …
14:45 Changeset [1482] by tdb01r
* Commented out permissions table creation (will be removed at some point) …
14:01 Ticket #1965 (Use wrap_text for all console messages) created by tdb01r
Most of the bin scripts are hard-coded to an arbitrary terminal width …
13:57 Ticket #865 (Full text search does not work on postscript files) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Convert::PlainText? has support for ps2ascii (if its then configured in …
13:56 Changeset [1481] by cjg
directory for apache related modules.
13:37 Changeset [1480] by tdb01r
* Added wrap_text method to EPrints::Utils * Added get_input_bool method …
13:32 Ticket #1964 (Auth wrong place for Privs code) created by cjg
The Auth module is being moved to EPrints::Apache::Auth - this is not the …
12:22 Ticket #1963 (Anti-spam measures in "document request" function) created by tmb
There is a danger that this feature could be used by a spam robot. …
12:00 Changeset [1479] by tdb01r
* Removed space from info: identifier * Fixed some bugs in the XML output
10:52 Ticket #1962 (Full text indexing warning) created by cjg
When the indexer starts it should warn what formats it will and won't …
09:38 Changeset [1478] by tmb
Added tmb to the credits list


17:40 Ticket #1961 (add URL field to subjects) created by cjg
If the subjects could have an additional property of a URL field they …
17:09 Changeset [1477] by tdb01r
* Uppercased all SQL terms
17:08 Ticket #1960 (Sort 2.4 tickets into alpha,beta,release) closed by cjg
15:30 Ticket #1960 (Sort 2.4 tickets into alpha,beta,release) created by cjg
Move the current tickets into alpha, beta and release.
15:29 Ticket #1959 (Make TRAC use UK date format) created by cjg
argh. TRAC uses MM/DD/YY - can this be altered.


14:57 Ticket #1958 (raereport - Check that users.dept is NOT NULL) created by tmb
If the "users.dept" field is NULL in the database, the apache log fills up …
14:56 Ticket #1957 (Improve raereport documentation - "grouping" field) created by tmb
(David Nutter) There's no documentation that I can find regarding the key …
14:54 Ticket #1956 (Better installation instructions/install script) created by tmb
The provided SQL in README does not work with Mysql 4 if cut-and-pasted. …
14:52 Ticket #1955 (Don't use nested SQL queries) created by tmb
Since core eprints works with MySQL versions >3 avoid any features like …


20:58 Ticket #1954 (Add/Remove Fields/Schemas) created by tmb
EPrints needs a simple but functional interface for adding fields to live …
20:45 Ticket #1953 (Improved Buffer UI) created by tmb
Rather than a long list, the buffer should be filterable (e.g. show only …
19:52 Changeset [1476] by tdb01r
* Oops, missed perldoc:EPrints::Plugin::Output::ContextObject
19:50 Changeset [1475] by tdb01r
* Modified LogHandler? to use L<EPrints::OpenArchives?>::oai_identifier * …
19:42 Ticket #1952 (Wrong datestamp format in OAI) created by tdb01r
Datestamp for OAI should be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ, currently being rendered …
18:53 Ticket #1951 (License not generic) created by cjg
My instincts say that the license field in metafield is the wrong thing. …
18:44 Ticket #878 (Combine inbox,buffer,archive and deletion) closed by cjg
fixed: [1469] closes this!
18:44 Ticket #1947 (Merge Config.pm into Archive.pm) closed by cjg
wontfix: Actually Config handles software level config, repository handles the …
18:43 Ticket #1859 (Dupping when a transfer fails) closed by cjg
fixed: [1469] makes this irrelevant - the code is removed.
18:24 Changeset [1474] by tdb01r
* create_user is now create in L<EPrints::DataObj::User>
17:57 Changeset [1473] by cjg
* Renamed Search modules to be EPrints::Search, EPrints::Search::Condition …
16:04 Changeset [1472] by tdb01r
* Added link to maxmind
16:00 Changeset [1471] by tdb01r
* Added support for GeoIPOrg database (paid) * Added geoip configuration …
13:25 Changeset [1470] by tdb01r
* Pod refinements


20:53 Changeset [1469] by cjg
* Merged inbox,buffer, archive and deletion into a single set of SQL …
20:08 Changeset [1468] by cjg
* Changed SOAP scripts to use get_repository.
19:11 Changeset [1467] by tdb01r
* Added support for GeoIP * Added rudimentary translation of URLs to ids
17:52 Changeset [1466] by tdb01r
* Added accesslog data set * Added perldoc:EPrints::DataObj::Access …
17:49 Changeset [1465] by tdb01r
* Placeholder for METS format output (unsure how it should be implemented)
17:27 Changeset [1464] by tdb01r
* Fixed style of get_repository
16:42 Changeset [1463] by tdb01r
* Updated comment-hashing style
15:54 Changeset [1462] by cjg
* Added a BackCompatability? module and moved all the stub packages from …
15:50 Ticket #1950 (Move Apache-specifics into Apache subfolder) created by tdb01r
AnApache.pm, !Auth.pm, LogHandler.pm, RequestWrapper2.pm, …
15:40 Changeset [1461] by tdb01r
* Made more readable
15:25 Changeset [1460] by tdb01r
- Oops, fixed to foreach() instead of while() over sort()
15:21 Changeset [1459] by tdb01r
* Fixed bug in Plugin::loaddir where subclasses were being loaded before …
11:37 Ticket #1949 (check incoming data) created by cjg
the set_value method should be more careful about checking utf-8 …


22:49 Changeset [1458] by cjg
- Renamed EPrints::Archive to EPrints::Repository. - Renamed all $archive …
19:47 Changeset [1457] by cjg
- Seperated the code from citations which handles ifset and ifmatch into …
19:42 Changeset [1456] by cjg
changed import_test_data to just "use EPrints"
19:27 Changeset [1455] by cjg
updated tests to work with new module arrangement.
19:00 Ticket #1948 (Integrate Workflow and DataSet) created by cjg
* Write method to parse metadata-types.xml and produce a workflow. …
15:56 Ticket #1947 (Merge Config.pm into Archive.pm) created by cjg
They do the same type of task!
15:09 Ticket #1946 (Plugin option to request additional XML phrase file) created by cjg
This option would allow 3rd party modules to specify that they have their …
14:01 Ticket #1920 (last status change field) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by [1452]


18:50 Ticket #1940 (quick link to buffer from edit_eprint) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by [1454] (although the link could be more logically placed).
18:50 Changeset [1454] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
18:42 Changeset [1453] by cjg
- Cleaned up some more typos from the DataObj/?* change and the …
18:40 Changeset [1452] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
18:15 Ticket #1945 (attributes in XML must not be NULL) created by cjg
Some warning messages may be removed if we check that we don't try and …
17:56 Ticket #1944 (Item "0" causes issues) created by cjg
I accidentally created an eprint with an id of "0". This appeared to …
17:03 Ticket #1943 (testdata uses plugin system) created by cjg
The testdata should use the plugin system.
17:02 Ticket #1942 (Remove ImportXML) created by cjg
The importXML functionality should be moved into a plugin.
16:56 Ticket #1941 (Improve search results view) created by cjg
A cleaner layout for search results - as used by eprints.soton
16:04 Ticket #1922 (import new xml format) closed by cjg
16:04 Changeset [1451] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …
15:56 Ticket #1935 (import returns a list.) closed by cjg
fixed: done.
15:55 Ticket #1934 (detect unexpeded elements in text parts of xml import) closed by cjg
fixed: fixed.
15:54 Changeset [1450] by cjg
Failed to add the input plugins a previous commit.
15:52 Ticket #1905 (EPrints::User records return arrays) closed by cjg
fixed: [1430] changes this - this is a change to the API and has a small chance …
15:50 Ticket #1921 (uketd_dc) closed by cjg
fixed: Closed by [1431] The code is GPL and the copyright isn't a big issues as …
15:47 Ticket #839 (Make document & subscription into sub-objects.) closed by cjg
fixed: mostly done in [1448]. There is still some hacks involved in the …
15:41 Ticket #843 (Import/export sub-objects) closed by cjg
15:19 Ticket #1940 (quick link to buffer from edit_eprint) created by cjg
People often need to get between the edit_eprint pages and the editorial …
14:00 Ticket #1939 (deprecate "create" method) created by cjg
13:23 Changeset [1449] by cjg
2006-02-21 cjg …


00:56 Changeset [1448] by cjg
- Added input plugin system. = Added bin/import to import things - Added …
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