16:51 Changeset [1579] by cjg
* Fixed only-one-result bug. * Made user methods only request one result …
16:48 Ticket #850 (Cookie based authentication) closed by cjg
16:48 Ticket #2036 (custom cookie to user process) created by cjg
Allow custom methods to authenticae cookies: plugins perhaps?
16:47 Ticket #2035 (custom cookie password auth) created by cjg
Allow custom methods to authenticae passwords: plugins perhaps?
16:47 Ticket #2034 (cookies obey preferences) created by cjg
Make cookies obey preferences about browser-close and ip-change Or just …
16:46 Changeset [1578] by cjg
* Added cookie authentication * Removed old basic auth configuration * …
16:11 Ticket #2033 (Logout feature) created by cjg
Needs adding. Ideally on all pages, probably only on dynamic pages.
15:28 Ticket #2032 (Override render-search-input/from-search-input/searching) created by cjg


14:19 Ticket #2031 (Hidden Metadata) created by cjg
Add a field which flags metadata as not-public. Maybe using the same …
10:03 Changeset [1577] by tmb
* Added pod version of README
10:02 Changeset [1576] by tmb
* removed Data::Dumper::Simple (leftover from debugging)


16:20 Changeset [1575] by tmb
* Added filename param to %opts when invoking plugin
16:19 Changeset [1574] by tmb
* Added BibTeX import plugin * Updated and documented mappings in BibTeX …
16:18 Changeset [1573] by tmb
* Fixed default export type
16:18 Changeset [1572] by tmb
* Fixed eval


15:05 FeedbackForm edited by cjg
14:06 Changeset [1571] by tmb
* fixed date parsing
13:55 Changeset [1570] by tmb
* Went through RIS specs properly, documented and updated mappings
13:55 Changeset [1569] by tmb
* Better rendering of author name in email
10:49 Ticket #2030 (Search results highlighting) created by cjg
Highlight fields which matched search parameters in search results list.


10:31 Ticket #2029 (Phrases for document security options) created by tmb
From Stevan Harnad: I also think that at the stage of depositing …


17:23 Changeset [1568] by tmb
* When accepting a doc request, user can now tick a box to make all docs …
17:11 Ticket #2028 (HTML vs. text emails for "request eprint") created by tmb
Using HTML emails for this is great, but the text versions are pretty …
17:08 Ticket #2027 (Emails with attachments) created by tmb
Can send_email take an extra argument - a list of files to attach to the …
17:07 Ticket #2026 (Editable HTML emails) created by tmb
How to make HTML email content editable? E.g. when bouncing an item back …
10:39 Changeset [1567] by tmb
* Don't need to export publication field as "B" (book title), has own …
10:37 Changeset [1566] by tmb
* event_locate -> event_location
10:37 Changeset [1565] by tmb
* "Request Item" now "Request eprint"


14:23 Changeset [1564] by cjg
* XML to_string method now allows ProcessingInstructions?. Things in <?..?>
12:45 Ticket #2025 (PHP Mode) created by cjg
Add an option which makes the .html files and perl scripts post-processed …
10:01 Changeset [1563] by tmb
* Finessed text


19:42 Changeset [1562] by tmb
* Finished notes on allowing certain users to enter info/make selections …
17:21 Changeset [1561] by tmb
* Was expecting "edit" fields rather than "qualify"
16:46 Changeset [1560] by tmb
More documentation
15:02 NewFeaturesShowcase edited by tmb
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17:04 Changeset [1559] by moj
- Added script to convert from metadata-types.xml into workflow files.


16:59 Changeset [1558] by tmb
* Big documentation update in README - installation + configuration guides …
15:53 Ticket #1978 (Documentation should contain series of HOWTOs) closed by tmb
15:53 Ticket #1957 (Improve raereport documentation - "grouping" field) closed by tmb
11:46 Ticket #1892 (Mapping RAE item types to EPrints types) closed by tmb
wontfix: Turned out not be a requirement
11:45 Ticket #1956 (Better installation instructions/install script) closed by tmb
fixed: Won't do an install script - too many small changes to config files …
11:44 Ticket #1980 (raereport should focus on problems, rather than report everything) closed by tmb
11:44 Ticket #1955 (Don't use nested SQL queries) closed by tmb
11:42 Ticket #2024 (User Area links to rae scripts) closed by tmb
11:42 Ticket #2024 (User Area links to rae scripts) created by tmb
Installation instructions should include advice on adding links to the rae …
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