18:25 Ticket #2124 (MultiFields don't handle jump backs to required fields) created by cjg
18:25 Ticket #2123 (MultiFields don't validate properly) created by cjg
same as #2122
18:25 Ticket #2122 (MultiFields don't validate properly) created by cjg
17:19 Changeset [1720] by cjg
more renaming
17:19 Changeset [1719] by cjg
* Removed unused components eg. BlisterBar? * Renaming components to …
16:49 Ticket #2095 (Add Phrases for Tools) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by #1718
16:48 Changeset [1718] by cjg
* Added phrases for tools names.
16:45 Ticket #2121 (remove all make_text from Screen's) created by cjg
16:41 Changeset [1717] by cjg
* Split XML::GDOME and XML::DOM specific parts of EPrints::XML into two …
16:29 Ticket #2120 (too many connections) created by cjg
mysql seems to hold open lots of connections for no clear reason.
16:29 Ticket #2119 (table devel.cache does not exist error) created by cjg
got this when playing with stuff after running erase_eprints
15:03 Ticket #2118 (Remove SubmissionForm.pm) created by cjg
15:00 Ticket #2117 (Very slow generating large XML pages) created by cjg
Is it XML::GDOME? The appendChild method? the clone methods? …
15:00 Changeset [1716] by cjg
* entities-en.dtd is now generated in var/ to avoid messing up /cfg * XML …
14:58 Changeset [1715] by cjg
* Deprecated get_url( 1 ) as we no longer have staff mode per se. * Added …
14:54 Ticket #2116 (split XML into two subclasses for DOM and GDOME) created by cjg
14:35 Ticket #1937 (skip email sometimes) closed by cjg
14:13 Ticket #2114 (organise cfg by language) closed by cjg
14:13 Ticket #2115 (Make get_control_url do the Right Thing for each dataobj type.) created by cjg
is this done?
14:03 Changeset [1714] by cjg
* Moved cgi/users/control to home. It's now the key interface for users …
12:38 Changeset [1713] by cjg
* Fixed minor bug in toolbar.
12:37 Changeset [1712] by cjg
* Changed Repository and Language to load files from new locations.
12:26 Changeset [1711] by cjg
* Restructured defaultcfg directory - this will take several commit's to …
12:24 Changeset [1710] by cjg
* Restructured defaultcfg directory - this will take several commit's to …
12:18 Ticket #2114 (organise cfg by language) created by cjg
12:17 Ticket #2113 (move entities to /var) created by cjg
12:16 Changeset [1709] by cjg
not needed
12:14 Ticket #2112 (make system level .js and .css files which must be overridden, but not ...) created by cjg
12:13 Ticket #2011 (creation = status change?) closed by cjg
11:54 Changeset [1708] by cjg
11:53 Ticket #2023 (phrase ref="" should be id="") closed by cjg
11:52 Ticket #2110 (make a tool which redirects to the first available tool) closed by cjg
fixed: done: FirstTool?. #1707
11:51 Changeset [1707] by cjg
* Renamed "Home" screen to "Items" * Added "FirstTool?" screen which …
11:47 Ticket #2111 (clean up buttons on search form) created by cjg
the buttons are gone - using TMB's new widget.
11:36 Ticket #2110 (make a tool which redirects to the first available tool) created by cjg
11:36 Ticket #2109 (get "return with email" working) created by cjg
11:36 Ticket #2108 (get "remove with email" working) created by cjg
11:35 Ticket #2107 (staff doing clone/template don't get to own the new item) created by cjg
11:32 Ticket #2106 (make file validation errors redirect to files stage) created by cjg
11:31 Ticket #2105 (Fix compound fields input and render.) created by cjg
11:31 Ticket #2104 (get "subject" tool working) created by cjg
11:31 Ticket #2103 (get "search user" tool working) created by cjg
Seems similar to what you're currently working on.
11:30 Ticket #2102 (get "add user" tool working) created by cjg
11:30 Ticket #2101 (get "search eprint" tool working) created by cjg
Do have one tool per dataset search, or one tab per available search, …
11:30 Ticket #2100 (get "editorial review" tool working) created by cjg
11:30 Ticket #2099 (get "subscribe" tool working) created by cjg
11:29 Ticket #2098 (get "user" tool working) created by cjg
11:29 Ticket #2097 (Get tools filtering on privs.) created by cjg
11:03 Changeset [1706] by cjg
* Begin new item link now works again.
11:02 Ticket #2096 (Sort out Items page) created by cjg
11:01 Ticket #2095 (Add Phrases for Tools) created by cjg
10:59 Ticket #2094 (user space way to override processor->allow) created by cjg
10:58 Ticket #2093 (Map old user privs to new) created by cjg
10:49 Ticket #2092 (Other Owners Field) created by cjg
A field which contains a list of userid's of users to be considered an …
10:43 Ticket #2091 (Remove SubmissionForm) created by cjg
10:42 Changeset [1705] by cjg
* Changed ref="" in phrases files to id="" and changed the namespace to …
09:55 Changeset [1704] by cjg
* Added eprints.js for eprints own javascript functions. * Included it …
09:51 Changeset [1703] by cjg
part of last commit
09:46 Ticket #1024 (Pointless double inherritance of MetaField::Basic) closed by cjg
fixed: closed by #1702
09:46 Changeset [1702] by cjg
* Merged MetaField::Basic into MetaField?. Removed MetaField::Basic.
09:35 Ticket #860 (Add options to items in the submission buffer) closed by cjg
invalid: irrelevant with new interface.
09:35 Ticket #2086 (default workflow required to install) closed by cjg
fixed: added.
09:35 Ticket #2079 (iffy tabs in eprint control page) closed by cjg
fixed: fixed.
09:34 Ticket #2050 (extraneous generate_apacheconf files) closed by cjg
fixed: this is fixed by the fact that ep2->ep3 will not be an upgrade.
09:34 Ticket #2045 (Plugin::FieldType) closed by cjg
09:33 Ticket #2033 (Logout feature) closed by cjg
09:30 Ticket #2007 (render_input does not get passed $obj) closed by cjg
fixed: fixed.
09:28 Ticket #1148 (Identifying rejected items vs new items) closed by cjg
fixed: We have a first live timestamp, and also a history, so this is largely …


16:34 Changeset [1701] by cjg
* Added a new default workflow for eprints - shorter and nearer. * Added …
16:09 Changeset [1700] by cjg
* Added stubs for all user tools. * Added sketch of tool defintion code …
16:07 Changeset [1699] by cjg
code layout changes only
16:05 Changeset [1698] by cjg
* Added javascript to template which causes the scroll bar to always be …


12:25 Changeset [1697] by cjg
* Many more changes to the user Interface modules, including addin a …
12:23 Changeset [1696] by cjg
cleaning up svn issue
12:06 Changeset [1695] by cjg
* Improved MetaField::Set to handle null defaults in the input renderer.
12:04 Changeset [1694] by cjg
* Removed user-page layout stuff from phrases. * Renamed the action …
12:03 Changeset [1693] by cjg
* Renamed the action phrases to have a logical set of ids for names and …
12:03 Changeset [1692] by cjg
* Tweaked workflow demo to use an eprintid on my machine and handle the …
12:02 Changeset [1691] by cjg
* Added Home as a screen in the interface. Currently home is the deposit …
12:01 Changeset [1690] by cjg
* Removed workflow->process as it's not used any more.
11:59 Ticket #2090 (Feedback tab) created by cjg
Add a view tab for owners to search the history for feedback from editors.
11:51 Ticket #2089 (dynamic template, logging and cookie-login with apache1.3) created by cjg
The above features are not available with apache 1.3, and a warning should …


15:24 Changeset [1689] by moj
- Tweaks to css and js - Updated UploadComponent? (better action handling, …
14:24 Changeset [1688] by cjg
style sheet images
14:15 Ticket #2088 (cookie login should warn that it does not work with apache 1) created by cjg
14:13 Ticket #2087 (will not work with apache v1) created by cjg
apache config options not compatible cookie login will not work. low …
14:12 Ticket #2086 (default workflow required to install) created by cjg
14:12 Ticket #2085 (readkey required to install) created by cjg


15:31 Changeset [1687] by cjg
* Added $session->render_tabs plus a javascript function to support it.
15:29 Changeset [1686] by cjg
* Fixed template - search was hardlinked to flag.ecs
14:45 Changeset [1685] by moj
- Now with functioning buttons and text expanding
13:28 Changeset [1684] by moj
- Subject component added


12:26 Ticket #2084 (remove unknown abstact pages) created by cjg
generate_abstracts does not remove abstract pages for records which have …
12:17 Ticket #2083 (reload config via web) created by cjg
A web tool to cause the config to be reloaded!


19:12 Changeset [1683] by cjg
* Moved around the interface code to make better use of inheritance.
18:01 Changeset [1682] by cjg
moving stuff around
16:57 Changeset [1681] by cjg
16:57 Changeset [1680] by cjg
14:58 Changeset [1679] by cjg
* More work on eprint control page. Not complete, but much progress.
14:56 Changeset [1678] by cjg
* Added URIs to all plugins


14:40 Changeset [1677] by moj
14:25 Changeset [1676] by moj
- Moved upload component styles into .wf_uploadcomponent
14:23 Changeset [1675] by moj
2006-07-07 moj * Workflow now runs update_from_form on stages * Added …
12:34 Ticket #2082 (Full details page could provide links to the components which edit that ...) created by cjg
12:33 Ticket #2081 (Link to User record page could have users name in it!) created by cjg
12:26 Changeset [1674] by tdb01r
* New trunk (replaces /archives/trunk)
12:25 Changeset [1673] by tdb01r
* Historical trunk (circa 2.3)
12:23 Changeset [1672] by tdb01r
* Unused historical parts of the CVS that are in the wrong place
12:21 Ticket #1959 (Make TRAC use UK date format) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Changed locale to ro_RO (en_GB is dd/mm/yy). If things suddenly go …


14:41 Changeset [1671] by cjg
* Added minimal render_toolbox method to session * Added get_next_id …


19:11 Changeset [1670] by cjg
* Control page tabs now use <table> not <ul>
19:10 Changeset [1669] by cjg
* Fixed a bug in the history rendering of xml diffs


23:13 Ticket #2080 (Treat accepted document request as hit on document) created by tmb
When a user's "request a copy" request is accepted, add an entry to the …
23:03 Ticket #2074 (Use PINs for "request a copy" requests) closed by tmb
fixed: Use requestid as reference to Request item in request dataset.
23:01 Changeset [1668] by tmb
* Added new request dataset for storing document request data * Subsequent …
22:47 Changeset [1667] by tmb
* Specify dataset when creating plugin
17:26 Ticket #2079 (iffy tabs in eprint control page) created by cjg
The tabs should use the sliding doors technique before we go to release.


17:12 Ticket #2078 (BibTex import - "von" and "family" parts joined incorrectly) created by tmb
Should be a space in between
17:12 Ticket #2077 (BibTeX import/export - encode/decode TeX macros e.g. {\'e} to/from unicode) created by tmb
Use TeX::Encode
17:10 Ticket #2076 (Capture and display parse warnings in user import interface) created by tmb
17:08 Changeset [1666] by tmb
* Added import facility - user cut-and-pastes bibliographic data into …


19:05 Ticket #2075 (Return undef from object constructer if metadata_visiblity set) created by tmb
Just an idea: rather than having to remember to check the …
18:59 Ticket #2074 (Use PINs for "request a copy" requests) created by tmb
Won't have to expose parameters in emails. Error handling much simpler. …
18:47 Ticket #2067 (Add support for attachments to send_mail function) closed by tmb
18:47 Ticket #2028 (HTML vs. text emails for "request eprint") closed by tmb
18:46 Changeset [1665] by tmb
* Improved phrases for request document feature * Documents are now …
18:07 Changeset [1664] by tmb
* Added support for sending email with attachments
10:45 Ticket #2073 (Login always fails the first time) created by tmb
I always seem to have to login twice - the first time fails but the second …
10:44 Ticket #2072 (Security model for minimal users) created by tmb
Should minimal users be able to view documents marked as "validuser" (i.e. …
10:14 Ticket #2066 (Better worded/formatted HTML emails) closed by tmb
00:56 Changeset [1663] by tmb
* Tailored email phrases to HTML-based email
00:23 Changeset [1662] by tmb
* Tailored system email phrases (and email signature) to HTML-based email …


23:08 Changeset [1661] by tmb
* Typo corrected
18:06 Ticket #1963 (Anti-spam measures in "document request" function) closed by tmb
fixed: Made request_doc script accessible to registered users only.
18:05 Ticket #2064 (Make request document function available to registered users only) closed by tmb
18:05 Changeset [1660] by tmb
* Updated to reflect new location of request_doc
18:03 Changeset [1659] by tmb
* Made Request Document feature available to registered users only #2064 * …
14:57 Ticket #1996 (Text::Refer not installed warning) closed by tmb
fixed: EndNote? plugin now eval's "use Text::Refer" and sets a error message on …
14:07 Ticket #2065 (Don't wrap long URLs in emails) closed by tmb
fixed: [1647]
14:05 Ticket #2071 (Dynamic "logged in as ..." / "not logged in" message in template) closed by tmb
fixed: [1658]
13:58 Changeset [1658] by tmb
* Removed the "testing" pin from the site template and added dynamic …


18:40 Changeset [1657] by cjg
2006-06-27 cjg * Another fix to the tab css * Added "edit" tabs to the …
12:18 Ticket #2071 (Dynamic "logged in as ..." / "not logged in" message in template) created by tmb


17:58 Changeset [1656] by tmb
* Removed hard coded directory
17:35 Changeset [1655] by cjg
* Reverted some changes to CSS and phrases by moj :) * Added Compound …
11:20 Ticket #2070 (Potentially problematic use of GET in "select" script) created by tmb
Hello, I've noticed there may be a problem with the IRRA select script: …
11:18 Ticket #2069 (CGI imports) created by tmb
Imports via cut-n-paste into textbox interface
10:53 Ticket #2068 (Now look and feel needs tweaking for Windows) created by tmb
In the new look and feel, the navigation bar height looks odd in Firefox …
10:52 Ticket #2067 (Add support for attachments to send_mail function) created by tmb
Move the email attachment code from the respond_doc script to the main …
10:50 Ticket #2066 (Better worded/formatted HTML emails) created by tmb
E.g. Replace "click the URL below:" with "click here" to improve the HTML …
10:49 Ticket #2065 (Don't wrap long URLs in emails) created by tmb
Email body text is wrapped at $MAILWIDTH. If the text contains a URL …
10:46 Ticket #2064 (Make request document function available to registered users only) created by tmb
Now we can support minimal user accounts, it might be better to move the …
10:45 Ticket #2063 (Check for null password in LDAP code?) created by tmb
Hi I have been doing something similar with a package written in php and …
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