18:47 Ticket #2288 (Search results could look nicer...) created by cjg
18:47 Ticket #2287 (Search results don't have links!) created by cjg
18:27 Changeset [1849] by cjg
copy cfg from /lib not /
18:09 Ticket #2270 (move defaultcfg into lib) closed by cjg
18:09 Changeset [1848] by cjg
* Moved defaultcfg to lib
17:32 Ticket #2286 (search broken!) created by cjg
17:29 Ticket #2285 (Help information on file upload) created by cjg
17:28 Ticket #2284 (s/Please upload some files./a file/) created by cjg
17:26 Ticket #2283 (hide add extra file behind js link if only one file) created by cjg
[+] Need to add another file?
17:24 Ticket #2282 (move document delete button to the tab bar (or the no-js title bar)) created by cjg
17:24 Ticket #2281 (lose change button in file upload) created by cjg
17:03 Ticket #2280 (Make details page link to the edit component if possible.) created by cjg
17:00 Ticket #2279 (Comments on deposit page) created by cjg
Deposit page, in the event the item is valid, runs a "get comments" …
16:42 Ticket #2278 (Article #134 was confusing for NERC users) created by cjg
This needs to be turned into something clearer. Eg. Untitled Article. …
16:05 Changeset [1847] by cjg
* Removed links to old prototype.js in template
16:04 Ticket #2277 (generate static does not clear out old files) created by cjg
16:03 Ticket #1991 (permissions dataset needs tidying up or removing before beta) closed by cjg
09:29 Ticket #2276 (if both owner or editor of an item there should be a viewing as "owner" ...) created by cjg
00:55 Ticket #2268 (templates?) closed by cjg
00:54 Ticket #2269 (templates?) closed by cjg
00:52 Ticket #2248 (Add num_editors field so that citations can include "ed." (1 editor) or ...) closed by cjg
fixed: can now use EPScript
00:32 Ticket #2118 (Remove SubmissionForm.pm) closed by cjg


23:54 Ticket #2091 (Remove SubmissionForm) closed by cjg
23:52 Ticket #2275 (lose the @foo@ code) closed by cjg
23:51 Ticket #2262 (turn Render.pm into plugins.) closed by cjg
23:46 Ticket #2266 (.pm files in defaultcfg) closed by cjg
23:46 Ticket #2267 (consider name of cfg/perl) closed by cjg
23:36 Changeset [1846] by cjg
* Removed @foo@ from citations
23:10 Ticket #2205 (split Render.pm into EPrint and User.) closed by cjg
fixed: done in as much as they are now separate files.
23:09 Ticket #2275 (lose the @foo@ code) created by cjg
22:58 Ticket #1946 (Plugin option to request additional XML phrase file) closed by cjg
duplicate: will be "done" by the planned multiple system phrase files.
22:53 Ticket #2254 (get privs properly limiting on editor/owner) closed by cjg
22:39 Changeset [1845] by cjg
2006-06-13 cjg * Broke up .pm files into cfg.d/*.pl * Added $session to …
20:09 Ticket #2274 (break up core.pl) created by cjg
20:06 Ticket #2273 (check config options are used and document them (in code and wiki)) created by cjg
19:19 Changeset [1844] by cjg
19:09 Changeset [1843] by cjg
more cfg.d changes
18:56 Changeset [1842] by cjg
renaming config files
18:52 Changeset [1841] by cjg
18:48 Ticket #2272 (bin/something to run static/abstract/view/force_cfg_reload) created by cjg
18:45 Ticket #2271 (bin/something to run static/abstract/view/force_cfg_reload) created by cjg
18:39 Ticket #2270 (move defaultcfg into lib) created by cjg
18:39 Ticket #2268 (templates?) created by cjg
18:39 Ticket #2269 (templates?) created by cjg
18:28 Changeset [1840] by cjg
* First part of splitting up Config.pm etc.
17:56 Ticket #2267 (consider name of cfg/perl) created by cjg
17:24 Changeset [1839] by cjg
removed document citeinfo field - it never got used
16:56 Ticket #2266 (.pm files in defaultcfg) created by cjg
.pm files in defaultcfg are NOT perl modules and should maybe be renamed.
16:55 Ticket #2265 (Version numbers in defaultcfg) created by cjg
cfg files should be versioned really. So that they can be released …
16:53 Ticket #2264 (Version numbers in plugins) created by cjg
might as well start each one at 1.0 Also, each should have the earliest …


17:14 Ticket #2146 (Interface::Processor does not need a subdir.) closed by cjg
17:14 Changeset [1838] by cjg
* Renamed Interface/Processor? to ScreenProcessor?
16:40 Changeset [1837] by cjg
added comment
16:37 Changeset [1836] by cjg
* Renamed $doc->public to $dsoc->is_public for clarity
16:35 Ticket #2255 (add $user->is_owner() and $user->is_editor() which can take any dataobj) closed by cjg
16:35 Ticket #2256 (rationalise $user->can_edit and $user->is_editor) closed by cjg
16:33 Changeset [1835] by cjg
base methods for has_owner and has_editor
16:32 Changeset [1834] by cjg
* Moved $user->can_edit is_editor and is_creator to be instead, …
16:28 Ticket #2258 (Make citations load from a non lang directory by default, but allow a ...) closed by cjg
fixed: nah. Just putting phrases in them now.
16:00 Changeset [1833] by cjg
* Moved citations into general config dir from the lang specific config …
15:59 Ticket #2259 (phrases in citations) closed by cjg
15:56 Ticket #2214 (get a better name for EPrints::MetaField::Datatype) closed by cjg
fixed: is now "namedset"
15:54 Ticket #1964 (Auth wrong place for Privs code) closed by cjg
15:54 Ticket #2187 (make all screens use registered actions where appropriate.) closed by cjg
15:51 Changeset [1832] by cjg
* Fixed warning if the first value passed to one_of in Script was undef.
15:40 Changeset [1831] by cjg
removed phrase tag from workflow
15:35 Changeset [1830] by cjg
fixed typo -->
15:35 Changeset [1829] by cjg
* Added <phrase> to collapse which inserts a phrase in the current …
15:34 Changeset [1828] by cjg
* Bug in validate which was using "public" where it should have been …
15:33 Changeset [1827] by cjg
fixed stray -->
15:31 Changeset [1826] by cjg
* Removed the <phrase> config element from Component/Field/Multi? as …
15:29 Changeset [1825] by cjg
* Fixed Issue in Language with spanning pins being passed as a fragment …
15:28 Changeset [1824] by cjg
* HTML-Escaped the error message in abort()
14:52 Ticket #2212 (move tree_to_utf8 to XML?) closed by cjg


17:29 Ticket #2263 (make $LANG contain the current language) created by cjg
16:55 Ticket #2262 (turn Render.pm into plugins.) created by cjg
16:53 Ticket #2261 (<pin ref="xx"> rename) created by cjg
ref="" is possibly the wrong name
16:43 Changeset [1823] by cjg
* Restored hide help/show help buttons in surround/default * Added a [-] …
16:32 Changeset [1822] by cjg
* Fixed bug in run_eq and run_oneof EPScript methods. * Added integers to …
16:21 Changeset [1821] by cjg
restored missing more... phrase
15:45 Ticket #2260 (render eprint page needs to know if it's for real, or for a preview.) created by cjg
15:29 Ticket #2259 (phrases in citations) created by cjg
15:16 Changeset [1820] by cjg
* Removed priv code from Apache::Auth * Fixed typo in workflow * Removed …
15:06 Changeset [1819] by cjg
minor tweaks


13:13 Ticket #2258 (Make citations load from a non lang directory by default, but allow a ...) created by cjg


19:17 Changeset [1818] by moj
- Beginning conversion into export script
17:59 Ticket #2257 (fix Config can_user_view_document) created by cjg
it needs to use is_owner and is_editor and maybe a view-doc priv!
17:30 Ticket #2256 (rationalise $user->can_edit and $user->is_editor) created by cjg
17:22 Ticket #2255 (add $user->is_owner() and $user->is_editor() which can take any dataobj) created by cjg
17:22 Ticket #2254 (get privs properly limiting on editor/owner) created by cjg
16:53 Changeset [1817] by moj
- Added phrase mappings
13:31 Ticket #2253 (remove all use of get_priv) created by cjg
13:17 Ticket #2252 (Compile EPScripts at load time, not runtime.) created by cjg


23:20 Ticket #2112 (make system level .js and .css files which must be overridden, but not ...) closed by cjg
23:20 Ticket #2157 (Eliminate @'s from citations) closed by cjg
23:20 Ticket #2249 (add value.set() to script language.) closed by cjg
19:30 Changeset [1816] by cjg
* Made Script use objects for the compiler and compiled scripts. * <print …
19:15 Changeset [1815] by moj
- Added mapping from old phrase name to new
13:40 Ticket #2215 (split up EPrints::Utils) closed by cjg
fixed: done.
01:23 Changeset [1814] by cjg
2006-09-04 cjg * Split mail related methods out of Utils.pm into Email.pm …


18:42 Changeset [1813] by cjg
fat commas for http headers
16:18 Changeset [1812] by cjg
* Action tabs now work with actions as well as screens * Sorted out priv …
15:49 Changeset [1811] by cjg
added empty dirs
15:47 Changeset [1810] by cjg
* Removed unused javascript and css files * Moved all system images to …
15:36 Ticket #1867 (buffer slow) closed by cjg
fixed: new view of buffer.
15:36 Ticket #2188 (make a Staff/Actions screen) closed by cjg
15:33 Ticket #2169 (all screens should have a get title method) closed by cjg
fixed: fixed. Now screens have a standard phrase as their title.
12:32 Changeset [1809] by cjg
* Mapped status, editor, deposit and editor user flags into detailed privs …
12:26 Changeset [1808] by cjg
* Removed type validation from EPrint


18:54 Ticket #2251 (subscription remove does not work) created by cjg


09:57 Ticket #2250 (oai2 doesn't work with XML::DOM?) created by tmb
oai2 doesn't seem to work properly with XML::DOM - see …


17:32 Ticket #2229 (change "" security to public) closed by cjg
17:32 Ticket #2228 (rename datatype to named set) closed by cjg
17:32 Ticket #2227 (change namedsets to plain text) closed by cjg
17:32 Ticket #2226 (change types to plain text list) closed by cjg
17:32 Changeset [1807] by cjg
2006-08-21 cjg * Changed datatype fields to be called namedset * …
15:55 Ticket #2249 (add value.set() to script language.) created by cjg
And use it in citations where needed.
15:36 Changeset [1806] by cjg
moved dir.
14:40 Changeset [1805] by cjg
2006-08-21 cjg * Rewrote generate_static to use /lib/static as well as …
14:36 Changeset [1804] by cjg
fixed inc path
14:36 Changeset [1803] by cjg
14:36 Ticket #2248 (Add num_editors field so that citations can include "ed." (1 editor) or ...) created by tmb
14:35 Changeset [1802] by cjg
14:34 Ticket #2247 (conference_item type has "pages" field - this should probably be ...) created by tmb
14:27 Ticket #2246 ("Neat" citation assumes creators field is set (creators not required for ...) created by tmb
neat citation rewritten
14:24 Ticket #2245 (Use of /a-zA-Z/ isn't l18n friendly) created by tmb
Check use of e.g. a-zA-Z in regexps (particularly in search/indexing …


17:05 Ticket #2244 (Explain how phrase IDs for e.g. field names/help are derived) created by tmb
e.g. <DATASET>_fieldname_<FIELDNAME> - title of field FIELDNAME in …
17:02 Ticket #2243 (List outstanding responses for user (Screen)) created by tmb
17:02 Ticket #2242 (Move respond_doc script to a Screen) created by tmb


16:57 Ticket #2241 (Some SMTP servers require authentication) created by tmb
Set up username and password somewhere (SystemSettings?.pm?) Suggested …
16:49 Changeset [1801] by tdb01r
* Copied oai2 to make irs (Interoperable Repository Statistics) interface


17:39 Changeset [1800] by moj
- Added simple timing module
16:53 Ticket #2240 (Time should respect timezone in search and use UTC in DB) created by cjg
15:48 Ticket #2239 (EPrints::Utils::get_date() uses localtime()) created by tdb01r
get_date() is used to set the datestamps of various objects in the system, …
15:43 Changeset [1799] by tdb01r
* Added missing datestamp
15:43 Changeset [1798] by tdb01r
* Simplified get_date() implementation (sprintf!)
15:21 Changeset [1797] by tdb01r
* oai2 now uses xmlns and schema from the plugins * Modified …
12:15 Changeset [1796] by tdb01r
* Added get_gid method (implemented for EPrint and Access)


21:05 Changeset [1795] by cjg
Script which takes an eprints3.tgz package and does some basic tests.
18:59 Changeset [1794] by cjg
abort now exits as 1 not 0.
18:49 Changeset [1793] by cjg
added /lib to install.pl.in
18:44 Changeset [1792] by cjg
added lib to package dirs to install
18:41 Ticket #2238 (soap should not be in main release) created by cjg
18:40 Ticket #2237 (EPrints userid should not exceed mysql dbname or dbusername) created by cjg
17:58 Changeset [1791] by cjg
2005-08-15 cjg * Added addition filter to export plugins to test if they …
14:00 Ticket #2236 (Taint error on user mismatch) created by tdb01r
Running any script as a non-eprints user (e.g. root) results in: Insecure …
13:58 Ticket #2219 (cfg/Fields.pm missing) closed by tdb01r
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