16:54 Ticket #3149 (OAI interface should use lastmod instead of datestamp) created by tdb01r
Otherwise changes to eprints in the live archive will not be propagated to …
13:15 Ticket #3148 (Performance improvement with plugin_list) created by tdb01r
plugin_list returns a list of ids, but most uses of plugin_list
11:24 Ticket #3147 (render_xhtml_field kills generate_abstracts if field contains bad XML) created by tmb
If a field (e.g abstract) uses EPrints::Extras::render_xhtml_field for …
11:21 Ticket #3146 (Don't hardcode the max. XML line width in History.pm) created by tmb
The max line width used may have to be changed e.g. if the page template …


18:50 Ticket #3145 (Auto-expand collapsed field if shortcut link clicked) created by tmb
Would be nice to have (empty) collapsed fields automatically expand if the …
15:00 Ticket #3030 (Typo in formats list: mssword => msword) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Fixed in r3031.
15:00 Changeset [3031] by tdb01r
* mssword => msword


14:54 Ticket #3144 (Hitting enter doesn't submit search forms) created by af05v@…
In the title bar or on the search forms, hitting enter submits with no …


19:17 Ticket #3143 (Help button appearing where it shouldn't in workflow when using <help> tag) created by af05v@…
code from workflow: <stage name="core"> <component …


16:19 Milestone Statistics Package completed
16:18 Ticket #3142 (_create_directory returns the first directory, not last) created by tdb01r
Reported by paul@… […]


17:19 Ticket #3141 (Spelling mistake in phrase) created by af05v@…
<epp:phrase id="page:embargo_status"><p>These documents will be made …
14:23 Ticket #3140 (cgi/users/login sends content before redirect headers) created by tmb
Steps to reproduce: 1) click on a link to a restricted document 2) enter …


18:37 Ticket #3139 (OAI2 repeating data bug) created by cjg
$delsearchexp->set_dataset( …


15:54 Ticket #3138 (Screen::Import can be viewed by minuser) created by tmb
Add can_be_viewed method which checks for "create_eprint" priv.
14:21 Ticket #3137 (enable_import_ids test ONLY checks "eprint" dataset) created by tmb
Looking at DataObj::create_from_data. The enable_import_ids check only …
14:17 Ticket #3136 (Can create/import eprints with given eprintid even if enable_import_ids = ...) created by tmb
Looking at DataObj::create_from_data. If $data contains "eprintid", this …


22:43 Changeset [3030] by cjg
updated to 1.1 version of headers Moved Module to Net::Honeycomb


17:27 Ticket #3135 (mysql out of connections) created by cjg
It would be nice if EPrints detected mysql running out of connections and …
10:27 Changeset [3029] by cjg
Fixed bug in binary files stopping each chunk at \0


10:44 Changeset [3028] by tdb01r
1.1 - Added support for \ensuremath{} - Wrap greek letters in …


11:58 Ticket #3134 (test run on import loses contents of textarea) created by cjg
minor issue: if you cut-and-paste and do a test run it loses your textarea …
11:25 Ticket #2974 (Warnings appearing twice in deposit workflow) closed by tmb
duplicate: Duplicate of #3133
11:20 Ticket #3133 (if you JUMP to the deposit stage of workflow, validate errors show twice) created by cjg
This is because they are inserted by the jump, then inserted by the …
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