19:35 Changeset [3189] by tdb01r
* Added bibtex example file * Fixed Yapp not returning a list if only one …
18:37 Changeset [3188] by tdb01r
* Parsing for BibTeXed? names
17:14 Ticket #3209 (import_subjects is missing the subjectid) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3187.
17:14 Changeset [3187] by tdb01r
* Merged [3186]
17:13 Changeset [3186] by tdb01r
* import_subjects should use the import ids, fixing #3209
17:11 Ticket #3209 (import_subjects is missing the subjectid) created by tdb01r
The subjectid is missing when attempting to import subjects due to a …


17:14 Changeset [3185] by tdb01r
* Overwrite files on dist
17:13 Changeset [3184] by tdb01r
* Version 1.00
17:11 Changeset [3183] by tdb01r
* BibTeX parser
15:20 Ticket #3201 (EPrints::Metafield::Set doesn't sort using the phrase value) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Saving regression bug fixed in in r3182.
15:20 Changeset [3182] by tdb01r
* Merged [3181]
15:18 Changeset [3181] by tdb01r
* Added $session and $langid to call to ordervalue_basic, really fixing …
15:18 Ticket #3201 (EPrints::Metafield::Set doesn't sort using the phrase value) reopened by tdb01r
14:32 Ticket #3208 (Document::clone only clones some (hardcoded) fields) created by tmb
DataObj::Document::clone only clones the "format", "formatdesc", …
11:48 Ticket #3207 (Import plugin does not check visibility of listed plugins) created by tmb
Staff only import plugins are shown on the Import screen. Specify …
11:41 Ticket #3206 (DOI import fails on the first bad DOI) created by tmb
cf. PubMedID import which skips/reports bad IDs without failing (although …
11:31 Ticket #3205 (Screen::Import should consider 0 items imported a fail) created by tmb
Screen::Import reports success if the import process completed, even if no …
10:57 Ticket #3204 (PubMedID import fails if PubMedXML plugin disabled/not available) created by tmb
Import::PubMedID::new should check the PubMedXML plugin is available and …
10:38 Ticket #3203 (Screen::Import should use $self->html_phrase) created by tmb
Use $self->html_phrase instead of $session->html_phrase


20:51 Changeset [3180] by tdb01r
* bibtex parsing grammar for Parse::Yapp
15:10 Ticket #3202 (Enable support for Apache worker MPM) created by tdb01r
1. Replace Text::BibTeX dependency (in BibTeX import plugin) with …
15:02 Ticket #3201 (EPrints::Metafield::Set doesn't sort using the phrase value) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3179.
15:02 Changeset [3179] by tdb01r
* Merged [3178]
15:01 Changeset [3178] by tdb01r
* Changed name of ordervalue_single to ordervalue_basic, fixing #3201
14:59 Ticket #3201 (EPrints::Metafield::Set doesn't sort using the phrase value) created by tdb01r
Looks like ordervalue_single should be ordervalue_basic, otherwise it …
13:21 Changeset [3177] by cjg
* Added EPrints::Bench -- used for testing speed of sections of code.


17:07 Changeset [3176] by tdb01r
* Simple unit tests for set/get value


18:32 Changeset [3175] by cjg
* Added mtime function to EPrints::Utils * Moved update routines for …


14:03 Ticket #3200 (sort_values in EPrints::MetaField does not catch all unicode chars) created by tmb
The _normalize sub transliterates some but not all unicode chars, …


11:26 Changeset [3174] by cjg
* Removed bin/list_user_emails, replacing it with an export plugin to …


11:40 Ticket #2819 (wget in PubMedID) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Replaced wget with libxml get.
11:38 Changeset [3173] by tdb01r
* Merged [3172]
11:38 Changeset [3172] by tdb01r
* Dispose the XML document after use, added example DOI
11:30 Ticket #3199 (Undef warnings in EPrints::Language) created by tdb01r
[…] Appears related to the auto-reload modifications.
11:26 Ticket #2820 (Sloppy temp files in Import by ID plugins) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3171.
11:26 Changeset [3171] by tdb01r
* Merged [3170]
11:26 Changeset [3170] by tdb01r
* Removed temporary file usage from PubMedID import script, fixing #2820


18:14 Ticket #3198 (unique method for List) created by tmb
Remove duplicate items from list
17:06 Changeset [3169] by tdb01r
* D'oh!
17:02 Changeset [3168] by tdb01r
* Merged [3167]
17:02 Changeset [3167] by tdb01r
* Fix for dispose() failing due to change in isdom behaviour * Disabled …
16:44 Ticket #3197 (Double encoded URLs on Details tab) closed by tdb01r
16:42 Ticket #2854 (nonportable backticks) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved by r3166.
16:41 Ticket #3193 (DOI plugin doesn't work with Crossref account ID) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved by r3166.
16:40 Changeset [3166] by tdb01r
Merged [3164], [3165]
16:39 Changeset [3165] by tdb01r
* Added 'pid' configuration to Import::DOI, removed use of wget, fixing …
16:36 Changeset [3164] by tdb01r
* Added methods to parse XML direct from a URL
15:45 Changeset [3163] by tdb01r
* Merged [3162]
15:44 Changeset [3162] by tdb01r
* Session::render_link shouldn't URI escape (should be HTML escaping, …


16:42 Changeset [3161] by tdb01r
* Replaced bespoke quoting with calls to DBI quote
12:48 Changeset [3160] by tdb01r
* Branch to develop cross-database support
12:47 Changeset [3159] by tdb01r
* Unused
11:10 Ticket #3197 (Double encoded URLs on Details tab) created by tmb
Session::render_link assumes the URL it is passed is not already encoded. …
11:08 Changeset [3158] by cjg
* Added Export/IDs which is a very simple (and fast) export that just …


23:46 Ticket #3196 (plugin masking) created by cjg
allow a plugin to masquarade as another plugin. So …
19:13 Changeset [3157] by cjg
* epadmin now generates a random 8 character database password as the …
19:01 Ticket #2807 (retry on fail on db password in epadmin) closed by cjg
fixed: Closed by r3156
19:01 Changeset [3156] by cjg
* If root database connect fails, in epadmin, it offers you the option to …
18:32 Changeset [3155] by cjg
* Small change to previous commit to make it use a more generic name for …
18:27 Ticket #3180 (Auto reload Phrases) closed by cjg
fixed: Closed by r3154
18:26 Changeset [3154] by cjg
* Phrase files now dynamically reload if they have changed, but this won't …
16:39 Changeset [3153] by tdb01r
* Don't print() errors, use the Import error/warning methods (prep for …
16:19 Ticket #3074 (Messy screen when logging in to view document.) closed by tdb01r
duplicate: Guess this is a dupe of #3140.
16:18 Ticket #889 (Problem with utf8 module on Fedoracore3) closed by tdb01r
wontfix: Truly ancient.
16:17 Ticket #976 (Apache crash on debian) closed by tdb01r
wontfix: Apache 1.3 isn't supported anymore.
16:12 Ticket #3195 (Required fields for document) created by tmb
Required document fields should behave in the same way as other required …
16:00 Ticket #3143 (Help button appearing where it shouldn't in workflow when using <help> tag) closed by tdb01r
worksforme: I couldn't replicate this bug in Firefox, IE or Safari (using LibXML).
15:58 Ticket #3164 (jscss.js breaks IE7) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3152.
15:58 Changeset [3152] by tdb01r
* Fixed compatibility problem with IE in jscss.js, fixing #3164
15:17 Changeset [3151] by cjg
* Fixed bug introduced in r3149 which lost the colour on rows in Items.
15:10 Changeset [3150] by tdb01r
* Removed backwards compatibility stuff from LibXML - we need 1.63 which …
15:02 Changeset [3149] by cjg
* Changed Items and Review screens to use an icon to view the eprint …


12:30 Ticket #3194 (Adding a new language does not add ordervalue tables.) created by cjg


17:56 Milestone EPrints 3.0.4 completed
Bug fix release for 3.0
17:45 Ticket #3193 (DOI plugin doesn't work with Crossref account ID) created by tmb
Crossref now require an account ID to be sent with each request. Quick …
17:36 Ticket #3113 (double encoding of URLs in document citation) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3148.
17:36 Changeset [3148] by tdb01r
* Merged the URL fix in [3003] that never made it into 3.0, fixing #3113
17:14 Ticket #3192 (Searching username breaks on short usernames) created by cjg
Because username field uses full text search, it doesn't allow you to …
17:02 Changeset [3147] by tdb01r
* Added action for staff to eprint actions menu to reindex an eprint
16:59 Changeset [3146] by cjg
Latest versions of EPrints
16:45 Ticket #3191 (First names not being indexed) created by tdb01r
It appears first names aren't being indexed, hence a simple search for a …
16:42 Changeset [3145] by cjg
15:44 Ticket #3184 (Allow "localhost" as an option when creating a new repository.) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3144.
15:44 Changeset [3144] by tdb01r
* Merged [3143]
15:43 Changeset [3143] by tdb01r
* The main repository hostname can now be unqualified (to allow …
15:40 Ticket #3190 (`render_value` does not respect nolink for Itemrefs) created by tdb01r
DataObj::render_value will not respect nolink if it is called on an …
15:38 Ticket #3189 (On the Review screen users are double-linked) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved by r3142.
15:38 Changeset [3142] by tdb01r
* Don't render an Itemref field link inside a link, because it's always …
12:23 Ticket #3189 (On the Review screen users are double-linked) created by tdb01r
Once to the eprint, and inner to the user record.


15:43 Ticket #3188 (joined search does not handle index() searches) created by cjg
Searching for userid.username on eprint doesn't work... although but …
15:41 Ticket #3187 (Include multi-tagging javascript in abstract page.) created by cjg
14:57 Ticket #3186 (Option to always regenerate abstract page) created by cjg
Currently it only regenerates when it's been told to refresh, make an …
14:52 Changeset [3141] by cjg
Removed minor debugging code
14:40 Ticket #2823 (Eliminate bin/generate_static) closed by cjg
fixed: Done. Although I'm not brave enough to remove generate_static from the …
14:25 Ticket #3167 (QA Screen) closed by cjg
fixed: closed in r3140
14:25 Changeset [3140] by cjg
* Added QA Screen. This will show the planned QA plugins. Closes #3167
14:21 Ticket #3185 (Disable/enable auto config loading) created by cjg
Make an epadmin tool to disable, enable, and check status of auto-config …
13:33 Ticket #3184 (Allow "localhost" as an option when creating a new repository.) created by cjg
13:00 Ticket #3183 (Auto reload nameset lists) created by cjg
detect when file has changed on disk
12:59 Ticket #3182 (Auto reload workflow files) created by cjg
detect when file has changed on disk
12:58 Ticket #3181 (Auto reload citations) created by cjg
detect when file has changed on disk
12:58 Ticket #3180 (Auto reload Phrases) created by cjg
detect when file has changed on disk
12:55 Ticket #3163 (If template has changed, reload it before serving page.) closed by cjg
fixed: Closed in r3139
12:55 Changeset [3139] by cjg
* Templates are now reloaded if they have been modified since they were …
12:09 Changeset [3138] by cjg
* Added first cut of AjaxSubject? which dynamically loads subsections when …
11:35 Ticket #3179 (Regexp check in register) created by cjg
A very simple hook which only allows people to register if their email …
11:33 Ticket #3178 (Add password quality checker) created by cjg
This would be a hook in cgi/register cgi/reset_password and …
11:06 Ticket #3177 (Remove all english text from citations) created by cjg
11:00 Ticket #3176 (Info in database per file, not just per document) created by cjg
10:56 Ticket #3175 (Method to change order of documents) created by cjg
From …


18:20 Ticket #3159 (Comments rendered in citations using LibXML) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3137.
18:20 Changeset [3137] by tdb01r
* Merged [3136]
18:20 Changeset [3136] by tdb01r
* Changed is_dom back to not use ->isa, due to inheritance problems in …
15:29 Ticket #3174 (Migration toolkit - map EP2 formats to EP3 "mime" formats in ...) created by tmb
Mapping done for document_formats.xml phrases file and by export3data.pl …
15:21 Ticket #3173 (Odd behaviour with NO_CHECK_USER) created by cjg
On some operating systems, when doing a web-based import: …
15:18 Changeset [3135] by cjg
* generate_static now compiles the contents of files into auto.css, rather …
14:27 Ticket #2879 (compound fields can't be single (multi only)) closed by tdb01r
duplicate: Duplicate of #2983.
14:19 Changeset [3134] by tdb01r
* Merged [3133]
14:19 Changeset [3133] by tdb01r
* Refer to the Screen titles rather than duplicating the value
14:07 Ticket #3064 (Help text for Items Fields should refer to Manage Deposits screen not ...) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3132.
14:05 Changeset [3132] by tdb01r
* Merged [3131]
14:05 Changeset [3131] by tdb01r
* Phrase change for consistency with the Manage Deposits screen, fixing …
13:58 Ticket #2944 (sort_values in EPrints::MetaField mixes up Ys and Zs) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3130.
13:58 Changeset [3130] by tdb01r
* Merged [3129]
13:57 Changeset [3129] by tdb01r
* 'x' and 'y' values will now sort correctly (along with ~n, 'e etc.), …
12:59 Ticket #3172 (External fields) created by cjg
This feature would allow the specification of a new kind of eprint …
11:39 Ticket #3171 (Makefile in eprints release) created by cjg
This is a very simple idea to make the installation of EPrints feel more …
11:38 Ticket #2996 (Update pod in lift_embargos script) closed by tdb01r
fixed: Resolved in r3128.
11:37 Changeset [3128] by tdb01r
* Merged [3127]
11:37 Changeset [3127] by tdb01r
* POD: Embargoes are now document rather than eprint-centric
11:32 Changeset [3126] by tdb01r
* Merged [3125]
11:31 Changeset [3125] by tdb01r
* $width double-declared typo
11:07 Ticket #3170 (Autocompletion list disappears off bottom of page) created by tmb
Sometimes the autocompletion popup list disappears off the bottom of the …
10:33 Ticket #3169 (More control over how toolbar renderered by Session::render_toolbar) created by tmb
I'd like to be able to use a phrase to define how each link on the toolbar …
03:47 Changeset [3124] by cjg
* Rewrite now tests and recreates auto.js and auto.css if any of the …
03:42 Ticket #2271 (bin/something to run static/abstract/view/force_cfg_reload) closed by cjg
wontfix: Won't do now - less useful in 3.1
03:41 Ticket #2083 (reload config via web) closed by cjg
duplicate: dupe of #2460
03:41 Ticket #2504 (force config reload via http?) closed by cjg
duplicate: dupe of #2460
01:24 Ticket #3162 (Generate Abstracts on demand) closed by cjg
fixed: Done in r3123.
01:24 Changeset [3123] by cjg
* epadmin has new option "refresh_abstracts" which causes the webserver …
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